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Patrician elective is the succession law of merchant republics. It applies to all of the republic's top tier titles, as well as the capital settlement of the capital county. Other held titles will go to the doge's dynastic heir, using a variant of Agnatic Seniority.

There are five candidates, one from each of the five patrician families. The candidates are the dynastic heir of the current doge, and the heads of the four non-ruling patrician families.

Losing the election is not a game over, even if no landed titles are owned, since the Family palace always exists.


The candidates are the heir of the current doge and the leaders of the other four patrician families. Each candidate has a Respect value, equal to:

age² + 2x(prestige) + 5x(campaign fund)

Generally, the candidate with the most Respect wins, but there is a hidden amount of 500 respect, which is randomly added to one of the candidates, so there is a chance that the second-place candidate wins instead if the Respect values are fairly close. Children cannot be elected.

The patrician families always use Agnatic Seniority. The ruler may choose to designate an heir using an honorary title, which overrides the usual rules of seniority. Both of these rules take precedence over other restrictions on succession - so Muslim and Pagan republics work in the same way as Christian ones. (The "Status of Women" rule in the game set-up allows you to enact Cognatic Seniority.)


  • Assassinate other Patricians: By assassinating other patricians, you can get rid of candidates with high respect. Just remember the dangers of getting caught: with patricians, you might even end up creating family feuds which lasts for generations.
    • Alternatively, disqualify candidates by granting them a barony: See below for reason (the same why you don't give your heir landed titles).
  • Give honorary titles to heir: Honorary titles give monthly prestige, which can greatly increase the respect.
    • Do not give your heir landed titles. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to inherit. (Hardcoded to prevent AI from accidentally destroying the merchant republic.)
  • Only invest if you can win: Money in the campaign fund is lost even if you don't win the election. You can withdraw your funds if you don't have enough to be in the lead.
  • Plan for the alternatives: Related to the tip above, always create a backup plan for your family in case the family doesn't hold on to the Doge title. Try to get higher tier titles for your republic, so that you can carve out an alternate sub-realm for the family after losing the election.
  • Hog the best settlements in the capital. By setting a mediocre city or castle as the county capital, you ensure that you keep the better ones if you lose an election.