Pharaohs & Consuls

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Game modification: Pharaohs & Consuls
Pharaohs & Consuls
Historical Overhaul

Godream_Interactive from Moddb (olupien from the Paradox Forums), Pharaohs & Consuls' credits list additional contributors.

Alpha 0.4K for CKII 3.3.0


Pharaohs & Consuls is mod for Crusader Kings 2 designed to be a historically accurate total conversion, with a slightly expanded map, and take the game back to a time when Consuls, Kings, & Pharaohs reigned. The mod begins in 653 BCE and uses the Roman AUC (Ad Urbe Condita) Dating mechanism due to the Clausewitz Engine not supporting negative dates).


Godream_Interactive began development on the mod in mid-2014 (it was his first modding attempt of a paradox title so progress initially started slowly as an initial private project to play CKII in the timeframe of Antiquity instead of the Medieval Ages) and development levels have ebbed and flowed over time. Godream_Interactive performed a complete overhaul of the mod in 2019 following the release of Imperator and work on the project has increased with a recent public Alpha being made available in November 2019.

Mod Requirements[edit]

All Major DLC Packs are required to successfully run the mod, this excludes the music and/or unit model packs, they are optional.

Current Status[edit]

The First major playable Alpha was released on Nov 24th, 2019 and included a number of features and overhauled many aspects of the game. Godream_Interactive has indicated many features and elements are still in an early form and will still substantial change going forward. The Alpha is an early WIP build and is designed to provide feedback for development and let players enjoy the mod's setting and immersive features.