Pilgrim events

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These events relate to the pilgrimage event chain.

ID Name
SoA.5000 Confirm decision and check religion
SoA.5008 Check catholic pilgrim's location - then send on to destination choice event
SoA.5011 Choose destination as Eastern Christian
SoA.5016 Catholic - Always go to Jerusalem if already living at one of the other sites
SoA.5017 Catholic - Always go to Rome if living in Jerusalem province
SoA.5018 Catholic - May decide where to go - Western Europe (Canterbury, Santiago, Cologne) or the ancient sites (Jerusalem, Rome)
SoA.5019 Catholic - Where to go - West
SoA.5020 Catholic - Where to go - Med - the oldest sites
SoA.5094 Setting out for Constantinople (also selects events for road)
SoA.5095 Setting out for Axum (also selects events for road)
SoA.5096 Setting out for Antioch (also selects event for road)
SoA.5021 Setting out for Canterbury (also selects events for road)
SoA.5022 Setting out for Jerusalem (also selects events for road)
SoA.5023 Setting out for Cologne (also selects events for road)
SoA.5024 Setting out for Rome (also selects events for roads)
SoA.5025 Setting out for Santiago (also selects events for road)
SoA.5026 Trouble on the road - weather
SoA.5027 Trouble on road - lost
SoA.5028 Trouble on road - inn on fire
SoA.5029 Danger on road - robbers
SoA.5030 Danger on road - broken bridge
SoA.5031 Philisophical ponderings
SoA.5032 Meeting people on travels - good samaritan
SoA.5033 Meeting people on travels - Noah's ark
SoA.5034 Meeting people on travels - bread and fish
SoA.5035 Learning something about boats
SoA.5036 Learning something about bridges
SoA.5037 Falls ill from trials on journey
SoA.5038 Moral choice - steal or give
SoA.5039 Sees a guiding star - religious experience
SoA.5045 Holy knights come to meet and escort - feels safe
SoA.5046 Comes upon holy knights at camp - talks to them and learns something
SoA.5047 Meets holy knight as travel companion - makes friend who is member of a holy order
SoA.5081 Makes friend in Knights Templar
SoA.5082 Makes friend in Teutonic Order
SoA.5083 Makes friend in Knights Hospitaller
SoA.5084 Makes friend - Knight of Santiago
SoA.5085 Makes friend - Knight of Calatrava
SoA.5048 Makes friend - Knight of the Holy Sepulchre
SoA.5049 Makes friend - Knight of the Holy Sepulchre
SoA.5086 Knight friend bounce event
SoA.5087 Pilgrim receives notification about new friend
SoA.5050 Arrived at Canterbury
SoA.5051 Arrived at Jerusalem
SoA.5052 Arrived at Cologne
SoA.5053 Arrived at Rome
SoA.5054 Arrived at Santiago
SoA.5097 Arrived at Constantinople
SoA.5098 Arrived at Axum
SoA.5099 Arrived at Antioch
SoA.5055 Hidden event that selects what interesting things will happen at destination
SoA.5056 Stimulated to theological learning
SoA.5057 Strong religious experience
SoA.5058 Disappointed in the place
SoA.5059 Mastermind theologian impresses everyone
SoA.5060 Learn things of the big world - cosmopolitan experience
SoA.5061 Generally impressed
SoA.5062 Lustful character enjoys freedom far from home
SoA.5063 Homosexual character enjoys freedom far from home
SoA.5064 Monks cure pilgrim of disease - pilgrim attributes it to God's hand
SoA.5065 Lunatic/possessed pilgrim decides (s)he is good
SoA.5066 Drunkard/hedonist at holy site
SoA.5067 Impressed by Islam or Judaism (Jerusalem only)
SoA.5080 Self-styled God speaks to the masses - consequences
SoA.5090 Event checking result of pilgrimage and sending us on to the respective homecoming event
SoA.5091 Good pilgrimage
SoA.5092 Disappointing pilgrimage
SoA.5093 Abominable pilgrimage - very unusual outcome