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Game modification: Portrait Builder
Portrait Builder
Portrait Builder.png

Measter & Romulien

2.5.0 for CK2 2.8.x

Portrait Builder in action

Portrait Builder is a utility tool for Windows, allowing to create custom characters, by previewing their appearance based on their DNA and properties.

It can be used for character modding, portrait modding or save-game editing.

The tool written in C#/.NET was initially created by Measter in 2012, and when development stopped, the tool was open-sourced.

It was updated in 2016 by Romulien to make it compatible with latest vanilla patch.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Read portraits from vanilla, DLC zip archives, or mods
  • Preview character portraits based on portraitTypes (ethnicity, sex, age, year), dna, properties, rank and government.
    • Merchant republic and religious special clothing frames are supported via a government drop-down.
    • Societies clothing override is supported via an optional dropdown to replace sprites used by culture-indexed layers (c0->c7)
  • Auto-watch for modifications on loaded mod files while editing, to automatically reload the mod data and refresh current portrait
  • Randomize values for selected characteristics
  • Save current character portrait as png image
  • Import/export DNA and properties strings
  • Disable the characteristics that are not used by selected portrait type, or that have only one frame.
  • Read the user mod folder location via a userdir.txt file in Steam directory (if any)

Things which are not currently supported include:

  • Linux/Mac platforms (cross-compilation with Mono is not working due to dds image library)
  • Load order change via dependencies in .mod file : load order is vanilla -> DLCs (alphabetical) -> mods (alphabetical)
  • Dynamic government parsing (it uses hardcoded vanilla governments)

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • Download the latest version of the tool from the dedicated CK2 forum thread and unzip it somewhere.
  • Install .NET 4.5, if not already present.
  • Start PortraitBuilder.exe
  • Select the location of your CK2game.exe (for instance: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Crusader Kings II\CK2game.exe). Note: you can get the location from Steam, by right-clicking the game in the library, then Properties / Local Files / Browse Local Files
  • Wait 20-30s for the DLCs to unzip, then the UI should show up

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

In case of issue:

  • Check the log.txt file next to PortraitBuilder.exe: it will report crash exceptions, parsing errors of portrait data, corrupted assets, etc.
  • Adding -logfull to PortraitBuilder.exe launch options will set log level to DEBUG.