Princes of Darkness

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Game modification: Princes of Darkness
Princes of Darkness
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Major Overhaul


Status for CK2 3.3.0

Steam workshop

Princes of Darkness is a fantasy mod for CK2, inspired by the World of Darkness roleplaying games.

The Dark Ages--a whole lot darker.

Play vampire in the World of Darkness setting. Bookmark for the Dark Ages Vampire War of Princes, 1230 AD Shattered World bookmark After the Black Death, 1355 AD

Knowledgeable World of Darkness players can use the Rule Designer to customize your own vampire. Or pick from one of our canon Characters pregenerated. Or have a supernatural character created for you at random.

All the classical World of Darkness Dark Age Vampire clans: Assamite, Brujah, Cappadocian, Followers of Set, Gangrel, Lasombra, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Toreador, Tremere, Tzimisce and Ventrue

Roads: Via Humanitatis, Via Regalis, Via Peccati, Via Bestiae, Via Sanguinus, Via Ossium, Via Mutationis, Via Noctis, Via Paradoxi, Via Einherjar, Via Yasaq, Tariq el-Umma, Tariq el-Sama, Tariq el-Harb, Tariq el-Shaitan, Tariq el-Bedouin, Via Hyron, Via Serpentis, Derech Lilit

Cainite Knightly Orders: Black Cross, Twilight , Sable Rose, Bitter Ashes, Order of St. Ladre

Societies and Cults: Code of Tremere, Eternal Senate, Cainite Heresy, Order of St. Panteleimon, Cult of Mithras

Custom Nosferatu portraits

Canon empires: Courts of Love, Fiefs of the Black Cross, Baronies of Avalon, Banu Haqim, Sea of Shadows, Einherjar of Midgard, Voivodate, Tremere, Giovanni, Baba Yaga's Shadow Curtain, Clan of the Crescent Moon

Canon Characters: Hardestadt, Mithras, Salianna, Vladimir Rustovitch, Montano, Bulscu Arpad, Augustus Giovanni, Lotharius, Sha'hiri the Eldest, Nakhthorheb, Tanith, Guillaume, Jurgen von Verden, Julia Antasia, Hélène la Juste, Esclarmonde “the Black”, Etienne de Poitiers, Isouda de Blaise, Regis of Marseille, Josef Zvi, Werter, Etienne de Faubergé, Midian of Hamburg, Bela Rusenko, Guilelmo Aliprando, Alfonzo of Venice, Cretheus, Danika, Grimgroth, Abetorius, Marconius, Ilse Reinegger, Gustav Breidenstein, Marbuena, Andrew of Normandy, Nicholas the Younger, Balthazar, Fulgencio d'Idalia, Hilel al-Masaari, Silvester de Ruiz, Badr, Ismael, Mireia Subira, Rufus, Nabonidus, Antara, Abu Sardir, Antonius the Gual, Antonius the boy-king, Palamon, Sharif, Fatimah, Asimah, Mirri, Agonistes, Al Muntaqim, Al-Muntathir, Lazarus, Angelique, Yuri Tvarivich, Sophia Tvarivich, Utra, Foma, Vassili, Ragnor, Boris

Immortality. Drain your prisoners of their blood. Bloodbind vampire prisoners. Turn your courtiers into vampires. Turn your courtiers into ghouls. Heal your wounds. Raise armies of ghouls and vampires. Summon, entrance and mesmerize your way to power. Shapeshift into a wolf, a pool of blood, a cloud of mist, a shadow or even the dreaded Zulo war form of the Tzimisce Zhupans. Beware your thirst for blood.