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These are events concerning the "End of Days" from the The Reaper's Due.

ID Name
RIP.14000 character_event
RIP.14001 Doomsday
RIP.14002 Greedy councillor [sic]
RIP.14003 Ping greedy councillor
RIP.14004 Overcome with worry
RIP.14005 ping rival
RIP.14006 rival annoys you
RIP.14010 solar eclipse event
RIP.14011 ping greedy councillor
RIP.14012 councillor brings back profits
RIP.14013 desperate mob went after rival
RIP.14014 rival discoveres [sic] culprit
RIP.14015 rival vs mob result
RIP.14020 end of end of days
RIP.15099 The White Rider is created invisible start of chain (for hiding new char...)
RIP.15100 The White Rider appears, rumors are spreading
RIP.15101 The rumors reach court
RIP.15102 Worried other - ping event
RIP.15103 Someone's worried
RIP.15104 Troops outside the city
RIP.15105 The White Rider discovered - what to do?
RIP.15106 Outcome: The White Rider lives, abdicates sends farewell note
RIP.15107 The White Rider committs[sic] suicide
RIP.15108 Outcome: The White Rider suicide note
RIP.15109 The White Rider - botched execution
RIP.15110 Outcome: The White Rider - sends letter after escaping execution/prison
RIP.15111 The White Rider - escapes prison
RIP.15112 They turn hostile
RIP.15113 Outcome: The White Rider - doing well at court
RIP.15114 The White Rider suicide-event itself
RIP.15115 Outcome: You kill all the troops
RIP.15116 Outcome: The White Rider died in battle
RIP.22000 Introduction
RIP.22001 Peasant uprising outside of the gates
RIP.22002 Ping event
RIP.22003 Peasant leader forces you to make a choice
RIP.22004 Mother and child created
RIP.22005 Mother wants you to apologize
RIP.22012 Ping event (prophet)
RIP.22007 Good assassination
RIP.22008 Failed assassination
RIP.22009 Negative outcome, revolt
RIP.22010 Negative outcome, death
RIP.22011 "Positive" outcome
RIP.22020 character_event