RIP epidemic events

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These events concern the spread of fear due to epidemics.

ID Name
RIP.13000 Chain starter events
RIP.13001 Cat complaints
RIP.13002 Cats seem to be ok
RIP.13003 Crowd gathered to complain
RIP.13004 courtier wants special treatment
RIP.13005 commoners discover special treatment
RIP.13006 adopt a new pet cat
RIP.13007 argue with liege about decision
RIP.13008 liege does not agree with keeping cats
RIP.13009 liege made an exception
RIP.13010 talk about cats has calmed down
RIP.13011 angry mob escalated
RIP.13400 blame game starts
RIP.13450 Bonus if time: if you are jewish, blame infidels?
RIP.13401 head of religion chimes in. could be player
RIP.13404 don't blame jews
RIP.13405 blame jews
RIP.13402 you decide what to do
RIP.13403 if you keep jews, stuff happens
RIP.13198 BLAME GAME: Witch hunt
RIP.13199 character_event
RIP.13200 character_event
RIP.13201 Witch hunt
RIP.13206 Let them make suggestions
RIP.13202 Ping for find the most likely
RIP.13203 Presenting most likely witch
RIP.13204 2 rivals accuse each other
RIP.13205 ping event jealous lover
RIP.13207 Jealous lover accuses other's spouse
RIP.13208 Decide who you want to blame
RIP.13220 Random character might get to point out someone
RIP.13229 Evaluate did you suceed [sic] in your witch hunt
RIP.13230 What to with the imprisoned witches
RIP.13231 Family member to be killed is chosen
RIP.13234 Family member getting killed is pinged
RIP.13235 Family member found dead
RIP.13232 All is fine and dandy
RIP.13233 You found no witch
RIP.13500 BLAME GAME: bad Hindu - there is unrest and you're to blame
RIP.13501 I start going to temple, all is well
RIP.13502 pretend to go to temple
RIP.13503 positive extra effects from going to temple
RIP.13504 Peasants see through the ruse
RIP.13505 Peasants remain fooled
RIP.13506 Construct a temple - VANDALS APPEAR
RIP.13507 Construction finished
RIP.13508 Temple construction - something goes wrong