RIP prosperity events

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Events relating to the prosperity mechanic introduced in the DLC The Reaper's Due.

ID Name
RIP.11700 character_event
RIP.11701 prosperity gain
RIP.11702 when sieged prosperity progress is wiped, with a major chance to drop a level
RIP.11720 when looted prosperity progress is wiped, with a minor chance to drop a level
RIP.11703 when epidemic appears prosperity progress is reduced based on prosperity level
RIP.11712 prosperity notification
RIP.11715 removes flag on new holder
RIP.11719 Province Modifier Tombola
RIP.11705 Reclaim Land
RIP.11706 Monetary Incentives for culture conversion
RIP.11704 Jewish settlement
RIP.11707 Monument to Glory
RIP.11713 Monument to Glory teardown
RIP.11708 Merchant Harbor
RIP.11709 Scholar Foundation
RIP.11710 Great library
RIP.11711 Center of Worship
RIP.11716 Logging Company
RIP.11717 Ore Mine
RIP.11718 Religious settlement
RIP.11721 Regimental Grounds
RIP.11722 flag cleanup 1
RIP.11723 flag cleanup 2
RIP.11724 flag cleanup 3