RIP seclusion events

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Events relating to characters going into seclusion.

ID Name
RIP.12000 Shut the gates and go into seclusion, let the games begin
RIP.12001 Vassals informed of seclusion decision
RIP.11550 narrative_event
RIP.11551 character_event
RIP.11552 character_event
RIP.11553 character_event
RIP.11554 character_event
RIP.11555 character_event
RIP.11556 character_event
RIP.11557 character_event
RIP.12003 Piling corpses
RIP.12004 showing symptoms in seclusion
RIP.12005 lovers discovered in seclusion
RIP.12006 lustful liege is rewarded
RIP.12007 other courtier in seclusion is kind of beautiful
RIP.12008 courtier coming on to other courtier
RIP.12009 lewd suggestion accepted
RIP.12010 lewd suggestion declined
RIP.12011 Nightmares
RIP.12012 gained friend
RIP.12013 Sick courtier
RIP.12014 Court Physician diagnoses epidemic on courtier
RIP.12031 character_event
RIP.12032 Child asks to leave
RIP.12033 Child goes and finds lover
RIP.12034 Child returns with lover
RIP.12035 Banished child decides to marry lover or not
RIP.12036 Notification of marriage
RIP.12037 If lover is ill, child also gets ill
RIP.12038 Ping sneaky child
RIP.12039 Sneaky child
RIP.12050 Steward wants maps over the castle tunnels
RIP.12051 Steward receives ping event
RIP.12052 START of tunnel-lurker chain:

Steward: "Someone's been using the tunnels! What to do"

RIP.12053 Create the tunnel sneaker
RIP.12062 Captured: ping to sneaker
RIP.12054 Ambush succeeds: Somebody was captured!
RIP.12060 hearing them out: ping to sneaker
RIP.12061 sneaker has joined court/been imprisoned: ping to sneaker
RIP.12055 Ambush succeeded: Hearing the captive out
RIP.12056 sneaky_revolutionary - their pals storm the castle
RIP.12057 sneaky_assassin - Assassination Attempt
RIP.12058 sneaky_lover - Seduction attempt
RIP.12059 crushed rebels inside the castle
RIP.12063 Rebels wreak havoc
RIP.12064 You killed the assassin!
RIP.12065 You became maimed
RIP.12066 You are killed!
RIP.12070 The Masque of the Red Death chain
RIP.12071 This festive air makes me almost forget about the horror outside
RIP.12072 Hidden event - strangers among us
RIP.12074 Our castle is magnificent and guests are happy - wait, who's that?
RIP.12075 You approach the stranger
RIP.12082 Ping event for setting the frame in the right corner
RIP.12076 The stranger disappears
RIP.12077 You were polite about it
RIP.12078 You were demanding
RIP.12079 Special skill/trait outcome
RIP.12080 All goes to shit
RIP.12081 All is well?
RIP.12099 Master list of seclusion events
RIP.12097 Fires from on_become_imprisoned_any_reason (if you are In Seclusion)
RIP.12098 character_event
RIP.12100 character_event