RIP torture events

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Events relating to the torture of prisoners.

ID Name
RIP.20001 Ordering torture by racks
RIP.20002 Getting tortured by racks
RIP.20003 Ordering torture by whipping
RIP.20004 Getting tortured by whipping
RIP.20005 Ordering torture by rats
RIP.20006 Getting tortured by rats
RIP.20007 Ordering torture, lunatic
RIP.20008 Getting tortured, lunatic
RIP.20009 Ordering torture by heat exposure
RIP.20010 Getting tortured by heat exposure
RIP.20011 Ordering torture by cold exposure
RIP.20012 Getting tortured by cold exposure
RIP.20013 Performing mutilation, leg
RIP.20014 Getting mutilated, loosing a leg
RIP.20015 Performing mutilation, hand
RIP.20016 Getting mutilated, loosing a hand
RIP.20017 Performing mutilation, eye
RIP.20018 Getting mutilated, loosing an eye
RIP.20019 Performing mutilation, disfigurement
RIP.20020 Getting mutilated, disfigurement
RIP.20021 Performing mutilation, castration
RIP.20022 Getting mutilated, castration
RIP.20023 Reading poem 1 to prisoner
RIP.20024 Getting read poem 1
RIP.20025 Reading poem 2 to prisoner
RIP.20026 Getting read poem 2
RIP.20027 Reading poem 3 to prisoner
RIP.20028 Getting read poem 3
RIP.15001 Jailor Tar 'n' Feather
RIP.15002 Prisoner Tar 'n' Feather
RIP.15003 Jailor Stocks
RIP.15004 Prisoner Stocks
RIP.15005 Jailor Walk of Shame
RIP.15006 Prisoner Walk of Shame
RIP.15007 Jailor Tar 'n' Feather NOMAD
RIP.15008 Prisoner Tar 'n' Feather NOMAD