RIP treatment events

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Events relating to the treatment of diseases.

ID Name
RIP.11000 Severely wounded removed
RIP.11001 Removing infection
RIP.11002 Removing cough
RIP.11003 Removing fever
RIP.11004 Removing diarrhea
RIP.11005 Removing vomiting
RIP.11006 Removing chest pain
RIP.11007 Removing cramps
RIP.11008 Removing rash
RIP.11009 Removing headache
RIP.11010 Removing abdominal pain
RIP.11011 Removing fatigue
RIP.11012 Removing malaise
RIP.11015 Removing flu
RIP.11016 Removing dysentery
RIP.11017 Removing gout
RIP.11018 Removing food poisoning
RIP.11019 Removing rabies
RIP.11020 Removing cancer
RIP.11021 Removing pneumonia
RIP.11022 Removing Great Pox
RIP.11023 Removing leprosy
RIP.11024 Removing tuberculosis
RIP.11025 Removing typhoid fever
RIP.11026 Removing typhus
RIP.11027 Removing bubonic plague
RIP.11028 Removing measles
RIP.11029 Removing smallpox
RIP.11030 Removing Aztec disease (Syphilis)
RIP.11031 Ping doctor
RIP.11032 character_event
RIP.11035 character_event
RIP.11040 Experimental treatment outcome
RIP.11041 Normal treatment outcome
RIP.11042 Cautious treatment outcome
RIP.11047 Mystic treatment outcome
RIP.11045 Symptom treatment
RIP.11046 Symptom treatment outcome
RIP.11060 Physician hurt your close of kin
RIP.11061 Physician cured your close of kin
RIP.11062 Physician tells you you have leprosy
RIP.11063 Leprosy cleanup
RIP.11064 babies born in seclusion gain seclusion
RIP.11065 Court Physician becomes renowned
RIP.11066 Court physician ping event for sickly child
RIP.11067 character_event
RIP.11068 Court physician ping event for outcome of treatment for sickly child
RIP.11069 Sickly is removed
RIP.11070 Nice little treatment
RIP.11071 Nothing happens
RIP.11072 Child dies ping event
RIP.11073 Child dies