ROI Hunting Events

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These are events for the tiger Hunt event chain.

ID Name
RoI.2000 Invite vassals to hunt
RoI.2001 Vassal recieves invitation to hunt
RoI.2002 Vassals will come to hunt
RoI.2019 Vassal arrives to hunt
RoI.2020 Hunt begins
RoI.2500 Hunt ends
RoI.2501 Got tiger
RoI.2502 Didn't get tiger
RoI.2999 Clear all character flags and modifiers
RoI.2100 Gets drunk and makes a friend
RoI.2101 New friend
RoI.2102 Gets drunk and makes an enemy
RoI.2103 New enemy
RoI.2104 Play cards
RoI.2105 Lose at cards
RoI.2106 Breaks even at cards
RoI.2107 Wins at cards
RoI.2110 Tiger surprises hunters
RoI.2111 Tiger surprises hunters - tiger is killed by soldiers
RoI.2112 Tiger surprises hunters - tiger kills servant
RoI.2113 Tiger surprises hunters - tiger kills AI character
RoI.2120 Party finds tiger
RoI.2121 Kills tiger
RoI.2122 Fails to kill tiger
RoI.2123 Is wounded trying to kill tiger
RoI.2124 Soldiers kill tiger
RoI.2125 Soldiers fail to kill tiger