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Religions and religion groups are defined within the /common/religions folder.

Religion group[edit | edit source]

Each religion belongs to a religion group, for instance:

  • Catholic and Orthodox religions belong to the Christian group,
  • Sunni and Shiite religions belong to the Muslim group.

Note that some behaviors are hardcoded based on vanilla religion groups:

  • pagan_group: unreformed Pagans cannot demand religious conversion

The religion group is defined as a group tag with an alphanumerical ID. A religion group must have graphical_culture defined, and one or more religion.

An example of a religion group definition (with religions) would be:

zoroastrian_group = {
	has_coa_on_barony_only = yes
	graphical_culture = muslimgfx
	#religions go here

Below is a list of all parameters that can be set for religion groups.

Attribute Type Description Example
color color The color used for the coalitions -per religion group- map mode color = { 0.25 0.5 0.75 }
graphical_culture ID Only used for the display of CoA frames on the map. graphical_culture = norsegfx
has_coa_on_barony_only boolean This line determines whether or not the religion will utilise random graphics for their COAs above barony level:
  • has_coa_on_barony_only = yes: Generate random CoA for baronies, but use gfx/flags/ for higher tiers.
  • has_coa_on_barony_only = no: Generate random CoA for all tiers, and ignore completely gfx/flags/.
has_coa_on_barony_only = yes
hostile_within_group bool Decides if holy orders will fight other religions within the same group, also blocks interfaith marriage within group.
crusade_cb ID Defines whether a religion group can have crusades/jihads. In vanilla CKII, this only applies to the Christian, Muslim and Israelite religion groups. crusade_cb = crusade
playable boolean Defines whether characters of this religion are playable. Does not apply to the "muslim" group, as it can only be enabled by Sword of Islam playable = yes
ai_peaceful boolean Will make Hordes lose their super aggressiveness, upon conversion to this religion ai_peaceful = yes
ai_fabricate_claims boolean ai_fabricate_claims = no
merge_republic_interface boolean Determines if a religion will try to merge their interface with the republic interface. If yes then when a republic and searching for a texture for their religion's interface they will look for <texture_name>_republic and use that version of the texture instead of the religion's normal one. Defaults to no. merge_republic_interface = yes

In the base game all heresies and their parent religions are in the same group as each other (Cathar are considered Christian, Druze are considered Muslim etc) but this is not necessary. Heresies can be assigned to a different group, which allows them to be hostile not only to their parent religion but to all other religions in that group (for example a Catholic heresy which believed that Jesus was actually Zeus would normally only be hostile to Catholics, but could be placed in its own group to also be hostile to Orthodoxy, Miaphysites and so on). This does not impede the religion's ability to take over from its parent religion.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of all parameters that can be set for religions. Note that everything from investiture and below is optional.

Attribute Type Description Example
ai_convert_same_group int Determines if AI sends court chaplain to proselytize on religions of same religious group:
  • 0: never try to convert
  • 1: try to convert if ai_zeal is high
  • 2: always try to convert
ai_convert_same_group = 2
ai_convert_other_group int Determines if AI sends court chaplain to proselytize on religions of other religious groups:
  • 0: never try to convert
  • 1: try to convert if ai_zeal is high
  • 2: always try to convert
ai_convert_other_group = 1
graphical_culture ID Only used for the display of CoA frames on the map. graphical_culture = norsegfx
icon int Defines which icon will be used for the religion in-game. The value is ignored for heresies (unless the heresy becomes mainstream religion), and the heresy_icon of the parent religion will be used instead. icon = 1
color color The color used when drawing the religion map mode
RGB format with a range of 0.0–1.0. To determine a value from the RGB, simply divide by 255, e.g. 180 ÷ 255 = 0.7
color = { 0.25 0.5 0.75 }
crusade_name key Defines a localization key for the name of the religion's crusade. Only applicable to religion group groups with crusade_cb = crusade defined. crusade_name = "CRUSADE"
scripture_name key Defines a localization key for the religion's holy text. scripture_name = THE_BIBLE
god_names list<key> Defines localization keys for the religion's deity or deities, within curly brackets and separated by spaces. god_names = { GOD_GOD GOD_THE_LORD }
high_god_name key Localization key for high god high_god_name = GOD_GOD
evil_god_names list<key> Defines localization keys for the religion's evil deity or deities, within curly brackets and separated by spaces. evil_god_names = { SATAN LUCIFER THE_DEVIL }
piety_name key Defines localization keys for the religion's piety. piety_name = KARMA
priest_title key Defines localization key for temple holders priest_title = PRIEST
investiture bool Determines if it is possible to appoint bishops. Is modified by Investiture law. Only works for christian group, cannot be combined with autocephaly investiture = yes
can_demand_religious_conversion bool Determines if a character of this religion can demand conversion to it from other characters. Must also be allowed in the government. can_demand_religious_conversion = yes
can_excommunicate bool Determines if the religious head can excommunicate members of the religion can_excommunicate = yes
can_grant_divorce bool Determines if the religious head can grant divorces to members of the religion can_grant_divorce = yes
can_grant_invasion_cb cb Determines if the religious head can grant the invasion Casus Belli can_grant_invasion_cb = invasion
can_grant_claim bool Determines if the religious head can grant claims (actually not working) can_grant_claim = yes
can_call_crusade bool Determines if the religious head can call crusades can_call_crusade = yes
can_have_antipopes bool Activates Antipope can_have_antipopes = yes
can_retire_to_monastery bool Activates order to take the vows diplomatic action can_retire_to_monastery = yes
parent religion Makes the religion a heresy of its parent religion. The parent religion must be defined before. Note: reformed pagans can have heresies, but they need to be defined after both reformed and unreformed religions. parent = catholic
priests_can_marry bool Determines if the clergy can get married priests_can_marry = yes
priests_can_inherit bool Whether priests are excluded from succession priests_can_inherit = no
feminist bool Nullifies the negative opinion modifier that vassals normally get if the ruler is female or has female heir feminist = yes
pacifist bool Denotes religions with decreased aggression and stable realms. Only works on Jain religion if player does not own Rajas of India. pacifist = yes
bs_marriage bool Allows brother-sister marriages bs_marriage = yes
pc_marriage bool Allows parent-child marriages pc_marriage = yes
psc_marriage bool Disallow uncle-niece and aunt-nephew marriages psc_marriage = no
cousin_marriage bool Disallow cousin marriages cousin_marriage = no
matrilineal_marriages bool Disallow matrilineal marriages matrilineal_marriages = no
intermarry religion Specifies if members tend to marry those of specific other religions/religion group intermarry = norse_pagan_reformed
max_wives int Determines the max number of wives members of the religion can have. As well as the number of potential wives automatically generated for the court. max_wives = 4
allow_viking_invasion bool Allows the "Prepare Invasion" diplo action allow_viking_invasion = yes
allow_looting bool Allows looting allow_looting = yes
seafarer bool A.I. will prefer coastal provinces when raiding. seafarer = yes
allow_rivermovement bool Allows river navigation allow_rivermovement = yes
female_temple_holders bool Allows female temple vassals female_temple_holders = yes
male_temple_holders bool Allows male temple vassals. Defaults to yes. male_temple_holders = no
short_reign_opinion_year_mult integer Opinion penalty multiplier to short reign years. Override the define SHORT_REIGN_OPINION_MULT = 2. short_reign_opinion_year_mult = 3
aggression double AI aggression factor aggression = 1.5
max_consorts int Max number of consorts / concubines max_consorts = 3
religious_clothing_head int Index of frames to use for the religious head cloths & headgear. See portrait modding. religious_clothing_head = 3
religious_clothing_priest int Index of frames to use for priest cloths & headgear. See portrait modding. religious_clothing_priest = 3
secondary_event_pictures [{{{1}}}] secondary_event_pictures = norse_pagan
autocephaly bool Autocephaly behavior autocephaly = yes
pentarchy bool Pentarchy behavior. Implies autocephaly = yes. pentarchy = yes
divine_blood bool Sacred Xwedodah close-kin marriage mechanics divine_blood = yes
has_heir_designation bool Allows to designate heir has_heir_designation = yes
defensive_attrition bool Defensive attrition in provinces defensive_attrition = yes
ignores_defensive_attrition bool Used for religions that do not have defensive attrition, but will still not get the penalty towards such religions. ignores_defensive_attrition = yes
heresy_icon int Heresy icon. Note that this has to be set in the parent religion, not at heresy level. heresy_icon = 7
independence_war_score_bonus int Overrides define CONTESTED_TITLE_OCCUPIED_WARSCORE_BONUS_INDEP independence_war_score_bonus = 30
peace_prestige_loss bool Lose Prestige while at peace peace_prestige_loss = yes
peace_piety_gain double Gain piety while at peace (piety per month) peace_piety_gain = 1.0
raised_vassal_opinion_loss bool Determines whether raised vassal levies cause negative opinion overtime against the liege. raised_vassal_opinion_loss = no
reformed religion Note: the reformed religion needs to precede the unreformed religion in the file. reformed = aztec_reformed
reformer_head_of_religion bool Make the character that reforms this religion the head of the new reformed faith. Must be set on the reformed religion.
  • The title of the reformed religion (d_<religion_reformed>) must NOT have primary = yes, otherwise it will cause game over. landless = yes may not be an issue [?]
  • You also need to do some government modding otherwise character will get nogovernment. In government potentials replace NOT = { religion = norse_pagan_reformed } into the more generic NOT = { primary_title = { is_landless_type_title = no } }
reformer_head_of_religion = yes
pre_reformed bool Makes the pagan religion pre-reformed. Note that these religions won't appear in the ledger. pre_reformed = yes
unit_modifier unit modifiers Modifiers for units
unit_home_modifier unit modifiers Modifiers for units on home territory
character_modifier character modifiers Modifier for all characters of this religion character_modifier = { learning = 4 }
expel_modifier modifiers [{{{1}}}] expel_modifier = expelled_jewish
landed_kin_prestige_bonus bool Gives a prestige bonus for having landed 'kings as vassal. landed_kin_prestige_bonus = yes
allow_in_ruler_designer bool Prevents the religion from appearing in Ruler Designer, typically pagan reformed religions. allow_in_ruler_designer = no
dislike_tribal_organization bool Vassals of this religion will disapprove and form factions if their liege increases tribal organization. Typically used for unreformed pagans, that should first convert to a Monotheistic religion before attempting to go feudal. dislike_tribal_organization = yes
uses_decadence bool Decadence will be used if the religion AND government of a character is scripted to use decadence. uses_decadence = yes
uses_jizya_tax bool uses_jizya_tax = yes
attacking_same_religion_piety_loss bool attacking_same_religion_piety_loss = yes
hard_to_convert bool Checked via is_hard_to_convert character/province trigger. hard_to_convert = yes
men_can_take_consorts bool If set, men can take female consorts. Defaults to yes. No effect if max_consorts is 0. men_can_take_consorts = yes
women_can_take_consorts bool If set, women can take male consorts. Defaults to no. No effect if max_consorts is 0. women_can_take_consorts = yes
interface_skin interface The Interface this religion provides interface_skin = { pagan_interface }
castes bool Whether the religion uses a caste system. castes = yes
caste_opinions bool Whether the religion uses the caste opinion modifiers. caste_opinions = yes
has_coa_on_barony_only bool Works the same way as the religion group parameter of the same name. If set, overrides what's set for the religion group. has_coa_on_barony_only = yes
join_crusade_if_bordering_hostile bool If set to yes, the AI won't refrain from joining a crusade simply because it borders a heathen/heretic realm. join_crusade_if_bordering_hostile = yes
merge_republic_interface boolean Determines if a religion will try to merge their interface with the republic interface. If yes then when a republic and searching for a texture for their religion's interface they will look for <texture_name>_republic and use that version of the texture instead of the religion's normal one. Defaults to no. Overrides the religion group's value if set. merge_republic_interface = yes
rel_head_defense boolean If set to yes, people of that religion are likely to join in defence of their religious head when attacked by a different religion. rel_head_defense = yes

Example[edit | edit source]

christian = {
    has_coa_on_barony_only = yes
    graphical_culture = westerngfx
    crusade_cb = crusade
    playable = yes
    ai_peaceful = yes # Will make Hordes lose their super aggressiveness
    catholic = {
         graphical_culture = westerngfx
         icon = 1
         color = { 0.8 0.8 0.6 }
         crusade_name = "CRUSADE"
         scripture_name = THE_BIBLE
         god_names = {
         investiture = yes
         can_excommunicate = yes
         can_grant_divorce = yes
         can_grant_invasion_cb = invasion
         can_grant_claim = yes
         can_call_crusade = yes

Localization[edit | edit source]

  • <religion_name>: short name of the religion. Used with [Religion.GetName]
  • <religion_name>_DESC: description in religion tooltip
  • <religion_name>_full: longer name, shown on the map and in most UIs, and [Religion.GetFullName]

Adding icons[edit | edit source]

Adding new religious icons is a fairly simple process.

First you will need to modify both and under gfx\interface and gfx\interface\shattered_random (for random world)

In, expand the canvas of the image to the right by 32 pixels for each new icon; in religion_icon_strip_small expand it by 20 pixels for each new icon.

Once you have added your new icons, you will need to edit the file generalstuff.gfx under the interface folder.

(Increase the value of "noOfFrames" by the number of icons you have added. Once done, you can then use your new icons in your religions, from left to right, the first frame index is 0.)

	spriteType = {
		name = "GFX_religion_icon_strip"
		texturefile = "gfx\\interface\\religion_icon_strip.tga"
		noOfFrames = 10

	spriteType = {
		name = "GFX_religion_icon_strip_small"
		texturefile = "gfx\\interface\\religion_icon_strip_small.tga"
		noOfFrames = 10

Religious head[edit | edit source]

Religious heads can be established via the landed titles entries. You must first create a title of any rank, and add the variable controls_religion = X into that title's entry. For example;

k_coptic = {
   color = { 192 168 0 }
   color2 = { 220 220 0 }
   capital = 1
   religion = monophysite
   controls_religion = monophysite

The holder of the above title will thus appear as the Religious head for the Monophysite religion. The religion = monophysite line is also recommended to ensure any/all random characters generated for that title will be of the same religion, without it, if the province within which the capital = variable is set is catholic, you may end up with a Catholic Religious Head of the Monophysite Faith.

Anti Pope[edit | edit source]

Although can_have_antipopes controls whether a religion can have antipopes or not.

The interface, however, only accept Catholic and Fraticelli to render the name of antipopes, location_ruler_title text and opinion value properly,

Strings and value will not be processed for any other religions. Sadly, it's hard coded in the executable. There is nothing we can do to fix it.

Holy sites[edit | edit source]

Holy sites are flagged at county level via the landed titles entries.

c_koln = {
  holy_site = catholic

For maintenance it is preferable to override only the counties and flag the holy sites via a separate file under /common/landed_titles/, without duplicating landed_titles.txt

It is also possible to define holy sites for heresies, though the game will fallback to the one of parent religion if not used.

If fewer than five holy sites are allocated to a religion this will be reported in the error log. If more than five holy sites are assigned then the game will crash as soon as that religion's religion screen is opened.

Pentarchy[edit | edit source]

pentarchy allows multiple religion heads in one religion. It could be more or less than five, however the interface would look like broken.

The pentarchy seats are flagged at a title via the landed titles entries.

b_hagiasophia = {
	pentarchy = orthodox
	pentarchy = iconoclast
	pentarchy = monothelite
	pentarchy = paulician
b_antioch = {
	pentarchy = yes
d_roc = {
	pentarchy = bogomilist

All Orthodox/Iconoclast/Monothelite/Paulician/Bogomilist see b_antioch as a seat of pentarchy,

while only Bogomilst refuse b_hagiasophia and take d_roc as a seat of pentarchy instead.

Pentarchy will activate for a title holder with theocracy_governments group(mostly, but vary on muslims) when their religion matches the pentarchy value.

Crusade target weights[edit | edit source]

Crusade target weights are set inside landed titles entries.

k_lotharingia = {
  catholic = 5000

Note that the A.I. will never start a crusade in case there are no targets weights for that religion.

Papal succession[edit | edit source]

See interface modding

  • Trivia: If an offmap governor title has succ_papal_succession, it will not fire on_offmap_governor_changed on a new holder. Have to use on_rel_head_chosen or on_new_holder(_inheritance/usurpation) instead.

Reformation[edit | edit source]

If a religion has a reformed version within its code, it will inherit the on-action for reformation.

If you want to change the interface for reformation, you can edit file in folder "religion_features" and search for "buttons" to change. Then you need to change ui in the file "religion_reformation.gui", which set in '\common\religion_features'.

For example, you can edit the

religion_doctrine = {
	buttons = { doctrine1 doctrine2 }

and change it to:

religion_doctrine = {
	buttons = { doctrine1 doctrine2 doctrine3 }

in the "00_feature.txt" and then add:

windowType = {
	name = "doctrine3"
	position = { x = 487 y = 190 }
	moveable = 0
	fullScreen = no
	Orientation = "UPPER_LEFT"
	guiButtonType = {
		name = "picture"
		position = { x = 0 y = 15 }
		quadTextureSprite ="GFX_religion_feature_primitive"
		clicksound = bookmark_click
	instantTextBoxType = {
		name = "feature_label"
		position = { x = 10 y = 150 }
		font = "vic_22_black"
		text = "feature_uncertain"
		maxWidth = 173
		maxHeight = 20
		fixedsize = yes
		format = centre

in the "religion_reformation.gui" in order to set third doctrine in the Reformation.

Interface[edit | edit source]

With patch 3.0 the interface corresponding to a certain faith can be modded by adding the variable interface_skin = { x }. X represents the name of the interface folder in gfx/interface. More interfaces can be mixed, in vanilla this happens to the Zoroastrian, Indian (2 interfaces), to the Zun, African and Taoist religions (3 interfaces) and to the Bon religion (4 interfaces)

See also[edit | edit source]