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These are events from the Rajas of India DLC.

ID Name
RoI.100 Choose patron deity 1
RoI.101 Choose patron deity 2
RoI.110 Converted to Hinduism - choose branch
RoI.111 Converted to Buddhism - choose branch
RoI.112 Converted to Jainism - choose branch
RoI.115 Converted within Hinduism - choose branch
RoI.116 Converted within Buddhism - choose branch
RoI.117 Converted within Jainism - choose branch
RoI.120 After diplomacy action conversion
RoI.30120 After conversion, set religious branch randomly
RoI.30121 After conversion, set religious branch to liege's branch
RoI.30122 After conversion, set religious branch to FROM's branch
RoI.10000 on_birth Child might be a reincarnation
RoI.10001 Reincarnation: Player notices the similarities
RoI.10002 Reincarnation: Toddler thinks of the past life
RoI.10003 Reincarnation: Toddler speaks of the past life
RoI.10010 on_yearly_childhood_pulse Reincarnation: Youth picks up a personality trait from the previous life
RoI.10011 Reincarnation: Notification of a youth picking up a personality trait from the previous life
RoI.10020 on_yearly_pulse Reincarnation: Reincarnated player remembers his murderer
RoI.10021 on_yearly_pulse Reincarnation: Reincarnated player remembers spouse
RoI.10022 on_yearly_pulse Reincarnation: Reincarnated player remembers child
RoI.203 Hindu ascetic comes to visit
RoI.204 Tell me more, Hindu ascetic
RoI.206 Buddhist ascetic comes to visit
RoI.207 Tell me more, Buddhist ascetic
RoI.209 Jain ascetic comes to visit
RoI.210 Tell me more, Jain ascetic
RoI.215 Diamond is found
RoI.216 Diamond sparkles in crown
RoI.217 Thief tries to steal crown
RoI.218 Diamonds sparkles and frightens elephant
RoI.219 Courtier tries to murder owner of diamond
RoI.220 Owner subjected to murder attempt
RoI.221 Diamond is lovely in your treasury
RoI.222 Spending too much time in the treasury with the Precious... becoming troglodytic and weird
RoI.223 Diamond is stolen from your treasury
RoI.224 Worries about diamond
RoI.225 Spouse
RoI.226 Spouse is happy about magnificent diamond
RoI.227 Spouse
RoI.228 Spouse is robbed of diamond
RoI.229 Spouse
RoI.230 Diamond drives spouse insane
RoI.231 Spouse
RoI.232 Spouse killed by robbers but diamond retained
RoI.240 Diamond may be cursed. What to do with it?
RoI.241 Sold diaond but regrets it
RoI.242 Sends riders after buyers
RoI.243 Threw diamond in river but regrets it
RoI.244 Searches but cannot find diamond
RoI.245 Keeps diamond
RoI.246 Blamed character
RoI.247 Verdict - guilty or innocent
RoI.20147 Thugs
RoI.20148 province_event
RoI.147 Thug problem appears
RoI.148 Agents disappear
RoI.149 Terror in the countryside but the peasants are not to blame
RoI.150 Send out armed parties
RoI.151 Thug assassin arrives
RoI.20152 Courtier that will save us from thug assassin
RoI.152 Thug assassin strikes
RoI.153 Hold council after assassination attempt - what we do?
RoI.155 Riders haven't found thugs - what to do?
RoI.20156 province_event
RoI.156 Thugs have left, not our problem anymore
RoI.157 Peasants need elephants for clearing forest
RoI.158 Crazed elephant runs amuck
RoI.159 Crazed elephant is killed by soldiers in a messy way
RoI.160 Crazed elephant is killed by soldiers in a discrete way
RoI.161 Crazed elephant kills people, then escapes
RoI.162 Crazed elephant is captured
RoI.163 Temple elephants are dying
RoI.20164 Determine who gives player the white elephant
RoI.20165 Giver of white elephant
RoI.164 White elephant is offered as a gift
RoI.165 White elephant needs a suitable stable
RoI.166 Weird local Ganesha cult steals white elephant's droppings
RoI.167 Elephant is bored and trashes stable
RoI.168 Elephant escapes and tries to mate with other elephants
RoI.169 Killing the white elephant
RoI.170 Poisons elephant and gets away with it
RoI.171 Poisons elephant but is found out
RoI.172 Starves elephant to death and gets away with it
RoI.173 Starves elephant to death but is found out
RoI.174 Pushes elephant over cliff and gets away with it
RoI.175 Pushes elephant over cliff but is found out
RoI.176 Elephant is killed with lances and dies, no attempt at subterfuge
RoI.177 Elephant is alive and has calmed down down now. Happy ending
RoI.193 Hears of levitating yogi
RoI.194 Srrives and sees yogi
RoI.195 Leaves, pondering yogis
RoI.196 Pokes yogi
RoI.197 Pokes yogi AGAIN
RoI.500 The Polos arrive
RoI.501 Help the Polos?
RoI.502 Helped the Polos
RoI.503 Didn't help the Polos
RoI.504 The Polos return
RoI.146 Greek troops not wanting to cross the Indus
RoI.180 Kung fu monks
RoI.190 U-boat up the Indus
RoI.191 U-boat sails
RoI.400 Tolerant character making Indian friend
RoI.401 Visit Nalanda University
RoI.402 Visiting Nalanda University
RoI.403 Visit the Ganges?
RoI.404 Visiting Ganges
RoI.410 Local Hindu temple asks for donations
RoI.411 Buddhist or Jain monks ask for donations
RoI.412 Non-Indian merchants upset about naked Jain ascetics
RoI.3500 Temple corruption
RoI.3501 Province bounce event
RoI.3505 character_event
RoI.3506 Temple corruption removed - Indian
RoI.3507 Province bounce event
RoI.3509 character_event
RoI.3510 Local death cult
RoI.3511 Province bounce event
RoI.3515 character_event
RoI.3516 Local death cult removed - Indian
RoI.3517 Province bounce event
RoI.3519 character_event
RoI.3530 Religious tensions
RoI.3531 Province bounce event
RoI.3535 character_event
RoI.3536 Religious unrest removed
RoI.3537 Province bounce event
RoI.3539 character_event
RoI.3520 Province converts to other religion
RoI.3521 Province bounce event
RoI.3525 character_event
RoI.3550 Temple corruption removed - non-Indian
RoI.3551 Local death cult removed - non-Indian