Rumours events

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This is a list of rumour events.

ID Name
69000 Suspected Sodomite: Any Courtier
69001 Suspected Sodomite: Target is confronted
69002 Suspected Sodomite: Target is blackmailed
69003 Suspected Sodomite: Ruler
69004 Suspected Sodomite: Ruler confront Target
69005 People think I am homosexual! Brothel
69006 People think I am homosexual! A Churchman denounces you
69007 People think I am homosexual! Self-doubts
69008 People think I am homosexual! An Imam denounces you
69010 Suspected of Incest: Any courtier
69011 Suspected of Incest: Target is confronted
69012 Suspected of Incest: Target is blackmaile
69013 Suspected of Incest: Affair with female courtier
69014 Suspected of Incest: Start
69015 Suspect of Incest: Confessor takes you aside
69016 Suspect of Incest: Child notices you and sister alone in a tower
69017 Suspect of Incest: Child talks
69020 Impotence: Any Courtier
69021 Impotence: Target is confronted
69022 Impotence: Target is blackmailed
69023 Impotence: Ruler
69024 People laugh behind your back
69030 Adultery: Any Courtier
69031 Adultery: Target is confronte
69032 Adultery: tell spouse or no?
69033 Adultery: Spouse is told
69034 Adultery: Spouse mad as hell
69035 Adultery: Spouse forgives
69036 Adultery: Target is blackmailed
69037 Adultery: Ruler
69038 Adultery: Spouse speaks badly about you to the children
69039 Spouse confronts lover
69040 Occultism: Any Courtier
69041 Occultism: Target is confronted
69042 Occultism: Target is blackmailed
69043 Occultism: Ruler
69044 A child is missing, you are suspect
69045 Whisper in the dark
69046 Confessor talks to suspected occultist
69047 Dabble in the dark arts
69050 Incompetence at work: Chancellor
69051 Chancellor
69052 Incompetence at work: Marshal
69053 Marshal
69054 Incompetence at work: Steward
69055 Steward
69056 Incompetence at work: Spymaster
69057 Spymaster
69058 Incompetence at work: Lord Spiritual
69059 Lord Spiritual
69060 Lack of Piety: Any Courtier
69061 Lack of Piety: Target is confronted
69062 Lack of Piety: Target is blackmailed
69063 Lack of Piety: Ruler
69064 Dad/Mom, why will you burn in hell?
69065 Legate from the pope
69066 Scolded by the Caliph
69070 Cowardliness: Any Courtier
69071 Cowardliness: Target is confronted
69072 Cowardliness: Target is blackmailed
69073 Cowardliness: Ruler
69074 You seem to be taking unnecessary risks when practising with the sword
69075 Women laugh behind your back
69076 We have proven our bravery!
69080 Suspected Sodomite Notification
69081 Suspected Incest Notification
69082 Suspected Impotence Notification
69083 Suspected Adultery Notification
69084 Suspected Occultist Notification
69085 Incompetence: Chancellor Notification
69086 Incompetence: Marshal Notification
69087 Incompetence: Steward Notification
69088 Incompetence: Spymaster Notification
69089 Incompetence: Lord Spiritual Notification
69090 Lack of Piety Notification
69091 Coward Notification
69095 Incompetence at work: Chief Mufti - Muslim
69096 Chief Mufti
69100 Lack of Piety: Any Courtier - Muslim
69101 Lack of Piety: Target is confronted
69102 Lack of Piety: Target is blackmailed