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Sainthood is a mechanic available to Christians and reformed pagans who adopt the Ancestor Veneration doctrine during reformation. It requires the Holy Fury.png Holy Fury DLC.

After the death of a pious character, there is a chance for them to be beatified by the Pope (if Catholic), Patriarch (if Autocephalous), or a local saint (if other Christian denomination). This beatification can then over time become the canonization, upon which the character in question will be given a bloodline and a province in that character's realm will be given the Tomb of the Saint modifier. If Pagan, the ancestor veneration event happens 3 days after their death, granted by the religious leader of their faith.

Becoming a Saint


To become a saint, the character needs to first be beatified by their religious head. This requires:

  • Publicly follows a Christian religion with a religious head
  • Be count+ or patrician
  • Be an adult (more than 16 years old)
  • Be dead, not having died in China or disappeared without a trace.

The character must not have any of the following characteristics:

Characteristics Specifics
Have one of the Seven Sins Lustful , Gluttonous , Greedy , Slothful , Wroth , Envious , Proud
Be a bad priest Wicked Priest
Have vice Hedonist , Impaler , Cynical , Cannibal , Drunkard , Excommunicated , Cruel , Arbitrary ; note that the first two are lifestyle traits. While Impaler is much harder to lose, Hedonist can be lost by becoming Celibate . Cannibal can never be lost.
Be a Kinslayer Kinslayer , Familial kinslayer , Dynastic kinslayer , Tribal kinslayer
Have an irreligious character modifier Voice of Satan, Known Demon Worshipper, Suspected Demon Spawn, Suspected Witch, Witch, Crazy Cannibal, Demon Child, Magical Corruption (Minor), Magical Corruption (Major)
Be an Antipope Having a claim on the Papacy or the Fraticelli Papacy

The character in addition must have one of each of the following characteristics:

Characteristics Specifics
Have one of The Seven Virtues Chaste , Temperate , Charitable , Diligent , Patient , Kind , Humble
Have a benevolent trait Just , Kind , Charitable , Patient
Have a pious trait Chaste , Humble , Content , Theologian , Celibate , Zealous , On pilgrimage , Pilgrim , Shieldmaiden
High PietyPiety or other accomplishment Have a Piety of at least:
  • 1250 for an Emperor
  • 1000 for a King
  • 750 for a Duke
  • 500 for a Count

OR True Christian Knight (requires being male, MartialMartial 8, 25 Piety, Diligent , Humble , Brave , no sin, not Cruel or Cynical , not a heretic)
OR Sponsored a mass conversion (within 20 years and the other ruler is still alive)

The same trait can fulfill multiple requirements. For example, being Chaste will count as fulfilling both the virtue and the pious trait requirements.

A character who dies meeting the requirements has a 100% chance to be beatified if they do not have a saintly bloodline, and a 25% chance if they do.

When a character is beatified, all same-religion members of their dynasty gain 50 piety. This bonus is permanently increased to 250 piety for Catholics once the Papacy reserves beatification privileges (happens after an Impious Beatification, or a start date after 1095.1.1).

You need at least one landed bishop (of the corresponding faith) in your realm for the beatification to trigger (not sure if still needed after papacy reserves beatification privileges).


Once a character has been beatified, they have a base 1% chance to become canonized. The check is made at the time of death, but you only get the canonization event after 1000-2000 days (roughly 3-6 years). This chance is then modified by several factors.

It's set to 0% if the character's religion has no religious head (Note that the Catholic Pope always exists for game technical reasons).

Characteristic / Circumstances Modifier
No Religious Head (Not applicable to Catholics, as the Catholic Pope always exists) 0
15 Saints exist 0.8
20 Saints exist 0.64
25 Saints exist 0.512
30 Saints exist 0.4096
Beatified Character was Pope 0.4
Beatified Character sponsored a mass conversion (within 20 years and the other ruler is still alive) 1.5
Beatified Character is of an eastern Christian denomination 0.8
Beatified Character is a former player character without a saintly bloodline 2
Beatified Character has a saintly bloodline 0.2
Beatified Character is Chaste 1.5
Beatified Character is Temperate 1.5
Beatified Character is Charitable 1.5
Beatified Character is Diligent 1.5
Beatified Character is Patient 1.5
Beatified Character is Kind 1.5
Beatified Character is Humble 1.5
Beatified Character is Just 1.2
Beatified Character is Crusader 1.2
1000 piety 1.2
1500 piety 1.44
2000 piety 1.73
2500 piety 2.07
3000 piety 2.49
3500 piety 2.96
4000 piety 3.58
4500 piety 4.30
5000 piety 5.16
5500 piety 6.19
6000 piety 7.43
6500 piety 8.91
7000 piety 10.7
7500 piety 12.8
8000 piety 15.4
8500 piety 18.5
9000 piety 22.2
9500 piety 26.6
10000 piety 31.9
No Saints exist in the religion 3

When a character is finally canonized, they get a saintly bloodline and the Tomb of the Saint modifier to a province within the realm of their character. The nature of their bloodline will vary depending on which of the Saintly Bloodlines they are eligible to earn.

Becoming a Wicked Saint

Parallel to the normal canonization process, a character can be recognized as a wicked saint if they and the current pope share impious characteristics.

To get the bad canonization, the character needs the following requirements :

  • Publicly follows the Catholic religion
  • Be an adult (more than 16 years old)
  • Be dead, not having died in China or disappeared without a trace.

The Pope needs to have trait "Wicked Priest Wicked Priest" and have opinion greater or equal to 50.

Finally, the Pope and the wicked saint candidate must share one of the same traits of:

  • Impaler
  • Hedonist
  • Cannibal
  • Lunatic
  • Drunkard
  • Homosexual (Requires the pope to be the lover of the character and to be Lustful )
  • Lustful (and not Homosexual )
  • Master seducer or Master seductress

In earning this, they will gain the wicked saintly bloodline. This skips the beatification process.

Ancestor Veneration

Ancestor venerations are available for reformed pagans, if the reformer selected the Ancestor Veneration doctrine during reformation. The specific nature of whether or not a character will be selected for veneration depends on the characteristics of both the reformed religion and the character.

Although there isn't a beatification process like with Christian sainthood, the character at the base for consideration must:

  • Follow the reformed pagan religion
  • Be an adult (more than 16 years old)
  • Be dead, not having died in China or disappeared without a trace
  • Have at least 1000 prestige

An important additional caveat is that the religion must have a current religious head. As the event triggers for the religious head at the time of death, but happens 3 days after that, this means that temporal leaders of the faith can not be considered for ancestor veneration without transferring the temporal leadership title to another character.

This sets up a base chance of 3% for ancestor veneration. This base chance can be increased by having further prestige:

Prestige Percentage Chance
1000 3.00%
1500 3.60%
2000 4.32%
2500 5.18%
3000 6.22%
3500 7.46%
4000 8.96%
4500 10.75%
5000 12.90%
6000 15.48%
7000 18.58%
8000 22.29%
9000 26.75%
10000 32.10%
15000 38.52%
20000 46.22%

To this base chance is applied a number of multiplicative modifiers depending on the personal characteristics of the character and the characteristics of the religion. Some depend on the nature of the religion, some on the doctrines.

Characteristic Peaceful Warmongering Defensive Proselytizing Dogmatic Cosmopolitan
<10 Diplomacy
<10 Diplomacy 0.65 0.65
<10 Learning 0.65 0.65
<10 Martial 0.65
<10 Stewardship 0.65
>= 15 Diplomacy 1.5 1.5
>= 15 Learning 1.5 1.5
>= 15 Martial 1.5
>= 15 Stewardship 1.5
Ambitious 1.5
Any Leadership Trait 0.65 1.5
Is at Peace 1.5 0.65
Is at War 0.65 1.5
Brave 1.5 0.65 0.65
Brilliant_strategist 1.5 1.5
Mastermind_theologian 1.5
Celibate or Erudite 1.5
Content 1.5 0.65
Craven 1.5
Cruel 1.5
Any Crusader Trait 1.5 1.5
Cynical 1.5 0.65 0.65 1.5
Defensive_leader 1.5
Duelist or Strategist 0.65 1.5
Envious or Cruel 0.65
Gregarious 1.5 1.5
Grey_eminence 1.5 1.5
Midas_touched 1.5
Holy_warrior 0.65
Humble 1.5 0.65
Just 1.5
Kind 0.65 1.5
No Crusader Traits if Great Holy Wars are unlocked 0.65 0.65
No Leadership Trait 0.65
No Martial Education 0.65 0.65
No Diplomacy or Learning Education 0.65
No Diplomacy or Stewardship Education 0.65
No Martial or Diplomacy Education 0.65
Not a Pilgrim 0.65
Not a Socializer , Scholar , or Theologian 0.65
Paranoid 1.5 1.5
Patient 1.5
Per 1000 Piety (maxed at 5000) 1.5
Pilgrim 1.5
Robust 1.5
Socializer or Administrator 1.5
Strategist , Scholar , or Theologian 1.5
Trusting 0.65 0.65
Wroth 0.65 1.5 0.65 0.65
Zealous 0.65 1.5 0.65 1.5 1.5 0.65
Characteristic Divine Marriage Polygamy Meritocracy Stability Religious Tax Monasticism Syncretism Haruspicy Astrology Bloodthirsty Adventuring and/or Seafaring Unrelenting
Spouse from Same Dynasty 1.5
No Inbred Children 1.5
Spouse not from Same Dynasty 0.65
Inbred Child 0.65
Multiple Spouses 1.5
Not Multiple Spouses 0.65
Chaste 0.65
Heir isn't Foe 1.5
Heir is Foe 0.65
Just 1.5
Administrator 1.5
Diligent 1.5
Arbitrary 0.65
Slothful or Envious 0.65
Any Realm Lord is of Different Religion 1.5
No Realm Lord is of Different Religion 0.65
>= 20 Learning 1.5
Celibate 1.5
Erudite 1.5
< 15 Learning 0.65
Has a Sympathy Trait 1.5
Does not have a Sympathy Trait 0.65
Zealous 1.5
Holy_warrior 1.5
>= 15 Learning 1.5
Cynical 0.65
< 15 Martial and Learning 0.65
Has an Astrology Trait 1.5
Does not have an Astrology Trait 0.65
Impaler 1.5
Cruel 1.5
Has a Bloodthirsty Gods Trait 1.5
Is not Cruel or Impaler 0.65
Does not have a Bloodthirsty Gods Trait 0.2
Has a Raiding Trait 1.5
Does not have a Raiding Trait 0.65
>= 20 Martial 1.5
Has any Leadership Trait 1.5
< 15 Martial 0.65
Does not have a Leadership Trait 0.65

DawnbreakersDawnbreakers has the same effect as Divine Marriage, while Children of PerunChildren of Perun and Survivor of UkkoSurvivor of Ukko have the same effect as Stability. Other religion-specific doctrines have no effect.

The chance for ancestor veneration is also modified by the number of prior venerated ancestors a character has.

Number of Venerated Ancestors Modifier
0 1
1 0.4
2 0.16
3 0.064
4 0.0256
5 0.01024

If the event does fire, the player (if they are the religious head) is given the option to recognize this ancestor. AI religious heads will recognize an ancestor 50% of the time.

On being recognized as a venerated ancestor, that character receives a bloodline. The nature of their bloodline will vary depending on which of the Saintly Bloodlines they are eligible to earn.