Soa heresy events

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These are events for heresy from the Sons of Abraham DLC.

ID Name
SoA.4000 Heresy Appears in Province
SoA.4020 Character picks up province religion, if it's in the same religion group but not the not the top liege's religion
SoA.4021 Liege response
SoA.4022 Reconversion demanded
SoA.4023 Liege notified
SoA.4024 Liege notified, conversion refused
SoA.4025 Reconversion debate
SoA.4026 Acceptance notification
SoA.4030 Courtier with minority religion attempts to convert another character at court
SoA.4031 Character is approached about conversion
SoA.4032 Liege learns of conversion attempt
SoA.4100 Heretic province worries parent religion Head (hidden province event)
SoA.4101 Heretic province worries religion Head
SoA.4110 Inquisition arrives in province
SoA.4111 Inquistion fails! Fire SoA.4112 to the head of religion
SoA.4112 Notification: Inquistion fails! Loss of authority
SoA.4113 Inquisition succeeds. Fire SoA.4114 to the head of religion
SoA.4114 Notification: Inquistion succeeds
SoA.4120 Legeate berates ruler about heretic province
SoA.4121 The heresy is eradicated in the county. On-action
SoA.4122 The heresy has been eradicated in the county
SoA.4123 Reward the ruler with money
SOA.4124 Reward the ruler with piety
SoA.4125 Excommunication is lifted
SoA.4130 Theologians arrives in the province
SoA.4131 Dialogue fails! Fire SoA.4132 to the head of religion
SoA.4132 Notification: Dialogue fails! Loss of authority
SoA.4133 Dialogue succeeds. Fire SoA.4134 to the head of religion
SoA.4134 Notification: Dialogue succeeds!
SOA.4200 A heresy has become the new orthodoxy. On-action, There are temporary characters in FROM and FROMFROM with the correct religions set