Soa muslim schools events

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These are events relating to Muslim schools of thought from Sons of Abraham.

ID Name
SoA.600 Adopts Mu'tazila
SoA.601 Adopts Ash'ari
SoA.602 Ash'ari liege has Mu'tazila vassal (Hidden)
SoA.603 Ash'ari liege has Mu'tazila vassal
SoA.604 Mu'tazila vassal receives letter
SoA.605 Mu'tazila vassal complies
SoA.606 Mu'tazila vassal refuses
SoA.610 Mu'tazila has Ash'ari vassal (Hidden)
SoA.611 Mu'tazila liege has Ash'ari vassal
SoA.612 Ash'ari vassal receives letter
SoA.613 Ash'ari vassal complies
SoA.614 Ash'ari vassal refuses
SoA.620 Cynical Ash'ari considers Mu'tazila
SoA.621 Zealous Mu'tazila considers Ash'ari