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Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica

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|Type=Major Overhaul
|Author=NMIH team Team |Status=Beta 0.1 8.8 for CKII 23.30.x1|Forum=[[forum:nova-monumenta-iaponiae-historica.656239|LinkThread]]
|Workshop=[ Link]
'''[[File:Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica''' (Mod README Title.png|NMIH) is a CK2 mod about the Japanese medieval era, called [[wp:Sengoku_periodTitle iamge|Sengoku Jidailink=]].
'''[ Nova Monumenta Iaponiae Historica]''' Mod (a.k.a. '''NMIH''' Mod) is a Crusader Kings 2 Mod about Japanese medieval era, called [[wikipedia:Sengoku_period| Sengoku Jidai]].
== Description == This mod will contain following features. * Two Genpei scenarios (1180) and the Sengoku era where you can start the game on any date between 1493 and 1582.* Map based on the historical provinces. Similar to the Sengoku map, but more historically accurate for the 16th century.* historical settlements such as castles, cities and manors. The starting and max. number of baronies in each province is based on surveys in the 16th and 19th centuries.* Historical buddhist revolters such as Ikko Shu and Hokke Shu.* Interaction with the Imperial Court and the Shogunate.* Events with Westerners.* Japanese localization of vanilla features.* Portraits of historical pictures.* Original 3D unit models. == Requirement == * [[File:Base icon CK2.png|Crusader Kings II|24px|link=]] ''Crusader Kings II''* [[File:DLC_rajas_of_india.png|24px|link=]] ''[[Rajas of India|Rajas of India]] DLC'' (Few Christian daimyos in late scenarios e.g. Otomo Sorin) are playable without Raja of India DLC) == Installation == === Steam Workshop install === # access NMIH Mod Steam Workshop page [[ Link]].# Click '''Subscribe'''. === Manual install === # access Paradox Interactive Forums [ NMIH mod Thread] [[ Link]].# Click '' link'' under subentry “'''Alterantive Manual Download'''”.# Download zip file from MediaFire. == Discord ==You can join the official Discord server from here [[ Link]].  <!--## Demo-->== NMIH Mod VS. Other Games == {{stub}|class="wikitable"!width="15%"|!width="28%"| Paradox/[ Sengoku]!width="28%"| KOEI TECMO/[ Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi]!width="28%"| NMIH Mod|-! scope="row"| Scenario| 2| max 15?| est. 32048 days|-! scope="row"| Provinces| 360|| 415|-! scope="row"| Characters| 1028| over 2000?| 19173|-! scope="row"| Style| Single-player, Multi-player| Single-player| Single-player, Multi-player|-! scope="row"| Platform| PC| PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS| PC, Mac|-! scope="row"| Release| 9/16/2011| 11/30/2017| 10/29/2014|-! scope="row"| Language| English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese<ref>CyberFront Corporation edition</ref>| Japanese, Traditional Chinese, English| English|-! scope="row"| Last Update| v1.03 - 10/21/2011| 6/28/2018| v0.7.7 - 8/18/2018|}  == Author == === NMIH Team Members === * awak(1180) [ twitter]* aycone* chatnoir17 [ twitter] : ''The current lead maintainer''* hamane [ twitter]* kaipain* Khorney* kk0192* kzmax* Lunawolf242* Remitonov* seishinouya* Yamana Tokiuji [ twitter]* ys_sthlm [ twitter]* Zabara [ twitter] : ''Character Portrait'' === Collaborator === * [ Miroslav Milosevic]: ''3D models''* SchwarzKatze: ''suggestions and bug reports'' === Special Thanks === * [ Japanese Crusader Kings2 Wiki Editor]: ''Settlement research''* Camara: ''map adjustment for patch 1.10-''* Your Personal Castle Team (=F4D=Nuubialainen &amp; dangitsdaaaaang) == Reference ==<references /> == External links ==* [[forum:nova-monumenta-iaponiae-historica.656239|Official Forum Thread]]* [ Official Stearm Workshop]* [ Official Repository (Non-Downloadable)]* [ Japanese Crusader Kings2 Wiki Mod Page]
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