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Advanced small start guide

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Council tasks
=== Council tasks ===
The reason you kept the baronies in your capital above others is for your now at least somewhat useful marshal/steward to apply their magic. If you own a city, you get a -75% to income. However if you got a decent steward and he applies a +50% it's only at -25%. If you have Trade Practices 2 then it's only at -5%. With how much higher income cities are you will quickly notice your capital city outstripping any castle you have (including the capital with +50%). Temples remain negligibly useful with bad sub-castle income but I keep them in the capital until I have something better simply for the levies, which brings me to the fact that the marshal job will also increase levies for all your holdings in a county so where you would have gone from 300 to 375 with just the castle you now are going from 700 to a respectable 1kish. Just so you know, even if you get it to the point where you have no penalty it will always be annoyingly red with the icon up top.
The spymaster I tend to set to Steal Technology on Alexandria regardless (dunno why but it works) while the chancellor generally does the diplomacy mission somewhere since we couldn't afford a claim at this point even if successful, either my capital if I actually have vassals or my scariest neighbor. This is less because the diplomacy mission is secretly useful and more because it has no chance of dying and keeps him from leading troops. The chaplain is probably busy converting but after that just put him on Culture research for Legalism (never unfocused).