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Trade post

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[[File:Trade_post_holding.jpg|right|frame|A trade post holding]]
The [[Horse Lords]] DLC allows any ruler to build trade posts along the Silk Road land route between China and Europe. Silk Road trade posts can only be built by the owner of a province, and cost only 50 gold to build.
The Silk Road is visible in the Economy and Trade Zone [[Keyboard_shortcutsKeyboard shortcuts#Map_modesMap modes|map modes]]. If a Silk Road province is occupied during a war, trade will be unable to flow through it to provinces further west - instead, alternate Silk Road paths will receive increased income. Both the trade zone controlled by the province owner and the total trade value along the entire route affect income.
Note that even without trade posts, Silk Road provinces receive passive boosts to taxes from castles, cities and temples.
| Silk Road Market, <br> No level 3 Trade Post within 500 distance
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