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Advanced small start guide

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Rebuilding Your Court
# Counties outside your primary duchy, non-culture/religion counties
Muslim rulers will have other considerations: mosques don't have an income penaltyand give piety; Jizya significantly increases income, especially in cities (decreasing the penalty); some cities in muslim regions are significantly developed. It is harder to make a definite order, so use your own judgement and compare income and future potential.
If you are lucky then some of these auto-created vassals will fill a slot or two of your council. Probably not, either way it's time to do probably the most tedious work which is to fill your council with some talent. This will become much, much easier later on when claims are a dime a dozen as claims will help a ton in getting random courtiers to come work for you. Initially, however, you are completely at the mercy of the RNG. Open up the character finder, men/my religion/not ruler(doesn't work to filter out baron-level rulers as of 1.06 but hopefully will some day)/unmarried (helps in finding younger/unattached courtiers). Sort by the stat you want, work your way down.