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Crusader Kings II

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Performance: Mention 64-bits executable
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| date= 2012-02-14
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[[File:Crusader Kings II.png]] '''Crusader Kings II''' is a grand strategy game with RPG elements, developed by [[File:Paradoxwiki.png]] [[wp:Paradox Development Studio|Paradox Development Studio]] and published by [[Central:Paradox Interactive|Paradox Interactive]] in 2012. It is the sequel to the original [[wp:Crusader KingsCrusader_Kings_(video_game)|Crusader Kings]] released in 2004.
Contrary to what the title indicates, the game is not primarily about the [[Crusades]], but it was too late to rebrand it.<ref></ref>
*November 16, 2017: [[Jade Dragon]] major DLC is released.
*November 13, 2018: [[Holy Fury]] major DLC is released.
*October 19, 2019: Crusader Kings II becomes free to play forever
==Expansion model==
In order to be able to continue adding new content, a special focus on optimization took place during the development of [[patch 2.7]], with a -30% to -50% speed improvement.<ref>[[forum:962057|CK2 Dev Diary #18: Optimization and modding]]</ref>
With [[patch 3.3]] the game switched to a 64-bits executable, which should resolve out of memory errors with some very large mods.<ref>[[forum:1252965/page-4#post-25863677]]</ref>
==See also==
*[[Game manuals]]
*[[System requirements]]

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