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Advanced small start guide

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Evaluate rival realms
If you are independent: would you be safer if you were to [[Diplomatic_actions#Swear_fealty|swear fealty]] to a higher-ranked neighbor or de jure liege? Beware, though, that you may be attacked before you get a response! Also, as mentioned above, your safety would be bought with a reduction to the levies you can raise.
Also consider the potential vassalisations of fealty oaths you can make. If planning for rapid expansion, vassalising quickly duke or especially count-level charavters of your culture and religion can boost effortlessly your power. Swearing fealty to a weaker but higher-tiered ruker may allow you to seize power after a [[Factions|Faction revolt]] and gain in a single war both the high-tier title and the vassals that come along with it.
=== Marriage ===