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'''Flee when threatened'''
* Appoint a [[commander]] with the {{iconify|Organizer }} trait for movement speed
* Retreat into ships
* If caught in a hopeless battle, order retreat (right-click a destination) rather than waiting for morale to drop
'''Raid and sack during war'''
* Requires the use of non-levy armies, because armies cannot be set to loot while at war. {{icon|lor}}[[Retinues]] are probably the best choice; holy orders may be too expensive to maintain in an offensive war and do not work against non-religious enemies. {{icon|hl}}[[Nomads]] can easily make use of this strategy due to their usage of [[horde troops]]. [[Tribal]] rulers may use certain event troops or their tribal retinues for this strategy.
* Use a single army in "raid mode", then switch to "occupy mode" immediately after sacking (and order a fast assault).
* Or, put both a "raid army" and an "occupy army" in a province, with the raid army arriving first. Immediately after sacking, order both armies to move out, then order the occupy army to stay.

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