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* {{icon|cm}}769 [[start date]]: the "Viking Age" begins in the year 800, giving independent rulers of Norse ''culture'' free shipyards in all realm provinces with the correct culture. Coastal provinces in the independent ruler's demesne (not held by vassals) also get free shipbuilding technology.
* {{icon|tog}}867 start date: Germanic pagans and Hindu rulers begin with ships.
* Germanic pagans have the unique ability (among unrefomed pagans) to navigate major rivers such as the Rhine.*Germanic Pagans ; they also only pay 10% maintenance on their ships.**{{Icon|hf}}Reformed pagans which wish to have both bonuses have to select the ''Sea-Bound'' doctrine during reformation.
* Rivers are no longer navigable once the ''average'' fort level of the adjacent provinces exceeds 10. <!-- MAX_RIVER_MOVEMENT_FORT_LEVEL -->

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