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Correctly refer to 'other [Orthodox] heresies' as Monothelitism and Paulicianism by name
*'''{{w|Byzantine Iconoclasm|Iconoclasm}}''' is functionally identical to mainstream Orthodoxy, though an Iconoclast Byzantine Emperor cannot request that the commander of the Varangian Guard convert to it. In the 769 bookmark, the emperor follows this heresy and the Iconoclast Patriarch rules in place of the Ecumenical Patriarch. The Iconoclast Patriarchate does not exist in other starts.
*'''{{w|Bogomilism}}''' has no religious head nor autocephaly. It permits female bishops and has no penalties for female rulers or heirs, though not absolute cognatic succession law.
 Other heresies *'''{{w|Monothelitism}}''' and '''{{w|Paulicianism}}''' follow the same mechanics as mainstream Orthodoxy, but have their own always-existent patriarchs.
== {{iconify|Miaphysite}} ==

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