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Rise To Power

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=== Escape Prison ===
{||-! style==== "text-align: left;" | Live to fight another day |-| [[File:Escape decision .png|frame|left| If you happen to be unfortunate and find yourself held captive in someone's dungeon, and you cannot ransom yourself from your bonds, then you still have a card in hand to play. However, this option isn't one to be taken lightly and is most certainly something you would play when your in back is against the wall. Once you are held prisoner the Escape From Prison intrigue decision will be available.]]|} {||-! style===="text-align: left;" | I'll be back|-| [[File:Ill be back.png|frame|left|When you choose this route you will loose 200 [[ Prestige ]], all of your titles, holdings, [[ Wealth ]], and you will be affected by the Low Rank modifier. You forfeit everything to spare your life. Use this at the peril of your own honor.]]|} {||-! Low Rank Modifier|-| [[File:Titles negative modifier.png|frameless|left|]]-0.02 Monthly [[ Prestige ]]|}
==Fun Facts==

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