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The Seljuk Turks
One of three "adventurer" style hordes, they are unlike other hordes in many ways. First, instead of appearing off the edge of the map with unstoppable death stacks, they instead appear in someone's court, gain prominence, and then go on an adventure.
In the year 965 or soon after, Seljuk will appear in the court of a landed duke+ ruler whose culture is Turkish, Cuman, Uyghur, or Karluk. (If no such rulers exist, Seljuk cannot spawn.) If the game rule "Turkic Conquerors" is set to "Random", Seljuk may appear as soon as 809.YARRAK YE OROSPU COCU
The newly created Seljuk is 18, has Turkish culture and the same religion as his liege, and is the founder of his eponymous dynasty. About 4 years later, he will get an event to begin his adventure. He will decide among three counties around Khorasan – Tus, Merv, Dihistan – whichever is not controlled by his top liege. (Seljuk will not get this event if he is {{iconify|Infirm}}, {{iconify|blinded}}, a {{iconify|eunuch}}, or a king. This event is limited to Seljuk himself; if Seljuk is dead, his descendants are not eligible.)
Seljuk's adventure will then start. He will gain 500 gold and a ducal-level temporary title (if unlanded). He will gain a large amount of event troops: about 2x his target, with a minimum of 3,000 and a maximum of 60,000. He will declare war on the top liege of the decided target county, using the adventurer CB, even if landed. The event troops will spawn in his liege's capital if Seljuk isn't landed, and in his own capital if he is landed. His old liege will be notified of this. As he did historically, he will convert to Sunni when setting out on his conquests (if he isn't already Muslim).
Upon victory, Seljuk will receive the conquered duchy. He will lose 25 decadence (if he's still Muslim), gain 1000 prestige, and spawn 6 stacks of 5098 troops of the exact composition of the Mongol's troop stacks. Unless he has a player as a liege, he will become independent and gain a titular empire called "Seljuk Empire".ALLAHINIZI SİKEYİM :))
Seljuk and his descendants will then usually conquer as much land as possible, often using the special [[Casus Belli#Manifest Destiny Invasion|Manifest Destiny Invasion]] CB.
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