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A good tip for the "Meat" is to find claimants as normal who will come to your court, then assassinate any wife & children before matrilineally marrying them to your kin. Then assassinate everyone stopping them from inheriting or just press their claim yourself - doing so gives you a massive relations boost too (+100 I think). The technique I prefer is to wait until you've kin with the claim, then press their claim so the lands become part of your realm, instead of remaining autonomous.

But How? (UI)[edit]

The Wiki needs a LOT more content on the actual mechanisms of doing things. HOW can I get two people married? I've got a vassal in my court. I've found a suitable match from another realm. I can't get both as options in the marriage match-up screen. When I right click on my vassal, it only lets me choose a match from my realm. When I right click on the ruler from the other realm, I can choose the person from their realm I want, but then my vassal isn't an option. Both individuals have the 'want to get married' ambition, so presumably both would be willing if I could just get the stupid UI to work.

  • Sounds like you have to invite the character from the other realm over to your court first. Although your vassal is in your court, they are not courtiers and so the other party has to be in you court for you to suggest the match.