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Death reasons now have numerical codes as follows:

1: Reason depends on the sickness trait of the character

2: Murdered (insert killer id)

3: Under suspicious circumstances

4: Executed (Insert killer id)

5: Accident

6: In battle (insert killer id)

7: In the dungeons of... (insert killer id)

8: Suicide

9: Killed by rabble

10: Slain in a personal combat (insert killer id)

11: Died at the hands of hashshashins

12: Offered in sacrifice to pagan gods

13: Died on childbirth

14: Died because of poor health

15 Natural causes


			death_reason=1 <----- insert reason code
			killer=0 <----- insert numerical killer id for deaths caused by other character

Please update article accordingly

Has any research been done on what each number in the properties section does, similar to what has been done with the DNA section?