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that right frame is way too big/long, either size it down or make it so that chancellor starts after it with the toc aligned at the bottom of the image - imo it will look crappy once you fill out some of those

just my opinion anyway ~ Themendios (talk)

I'll reduce its size some. ~ Meneth (talk) 13:46, 18 July 2012 (CEST)

re: chancellor 'bonuses'[edit]

I don't know how to quite specify the State Diplomacy bonus but essentially its' all nobility only, individuals still use your personal diplomacy (and weirdly enough if they're on council they will use this too) Also I had no idea about the cultural research bonus if it exists, tempted to take it out but I assume there's some reason behind it being there. ~ Themendios (talk)

Not entirely sure how the state diplomacy works.
Check out the tech screen; every area gets a bonus depending on the state attribute. ~ Meneth (talk) 14:47, 18 July 2012 (CEST)


Does anybody know how a councilor's prime attribute effects their odds of success? I'm wondering for things like marshal and court chaplain where the effects of your state attributes are not impressive enough to be worth going to extra trouble for a point or two extra; if their attribute had a major impact on their abilities, it might still be worth a 20 gold bribe, while if it's quite minor, I'd only consider looking for major boosts.

Sow Dissent is practically useless right now, we should consider making this somehow clear in the wiki job description.[edit]

The problem with the sow dissent chancellor job is that it literally does exactly what it says: "Sow dissent between a local vassal and his liege".

So initially you would think that you will put the chancellor in the capital of the most powerful vassal to make him dislike his top liege whose realm you want to destabilize, right? Wrong - if you put him there then you only have a chance that ONE of the copper tier mayors and bishops and barons of the specific county you put your chancellor in will dislike their direct liege by -20 and their liege will also get a -15 angry at them modifier. Neither matters at all.

Surely then this is just a misunderstanding and instead, you put the chancellor in the capital of the top liege of the realm you want to destabilize because this will sow dissent between his direct vassals and him, right? Wrong. It will make the bishops and mayors and barons dislike their immediate liege. And baron levels can't even form factions, so it's a complete waste of time.

It's not even useful to increase plot assassination chance: If you can't make someone join with a bag of gold you almost certainly won't make them join with a -20 opinion penalty towards their liege. There is basically no reason to ever use this job at all, you always get much more utility out of making someone - almost anyone, even some random courtier - like you a bit more than to make some random baron dislike his direct liege. Because that's all this job ever does no matter where you put your chancellor.

I just realized this recently by testing it extensively with console commands and opened a thread on the official CKII forum: