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The data (and map) is incorrect regarding Östergötland (k_ostergotland) and Västergötland (k_vastergotland). The county Närke (c_narke) belongs to Västergötland and not Östergötland. The data shows Västergötland with 3 counties = correct. However it also shows Östergötland with 4 counties = incorrect. The map also shows Närke in Östergötland = incorrect.

Also, the statement "Likewise, all start dates have the same de jure duchies, with the exception of 769" is incorrect. I know at least one more exception: Gotland in Rise of the Hansa bookmark. There Gotland is it's own duchy and Östergötland is reduced to 2 de jure counties.

It'd be great if someone more savvy than me could fix this. :)

EDIT: Interesting enough, I can find no mention of Närke moving to Västergötland (from Östergötland) in any patch note. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Dakk (Talk) 20:38, 2 September 2015 (CET)

Amount of extra levies if used as capital duchy[edit]

I wrote a thing that gives me a value for how much extra levies you get from using any duchy in the game as your capital. It assumes that all the castles are built, and that you hold all the counties and baronies in the duchy. I learnt that for example Vestlandet gives an extra 2.5 castles worth of troops whereas Ostlandet or Uppland only give 2.25. (0.5 extra from capital county and 0.25 extra from capital duchy)

This is obviously fairly easy to figure out manually for a few provinces, but I now have a list of this for all the duchies in the game, and I can update it immediately if new duchies are added, provided the Provinces page on this wiki is updated (I manually copy the spreadsheet from there to use as the input).

I could add this information to this page if there's interest. Unless someone specifically tells me not to, I'll do this sometime this week. I'll try to explain it better on the actual page if I do. 22:26, 9 November 2015 (CET)

Too Many Held Duchies Penalty[edit]

Shouldn't this page mention the opinion penalty for holding too many duchies? I'm coming back to the game after some time away, and I can't get the wiki to give me a straight answer on whether this penalty is still in effect. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (Talk) 03:08, 18 September 2016 (CEST)

New Duchies[edit]

I don't feel comfortable changing things myself, but here's a start to filling in some of the blanks.

Upper Brittany: d_loire