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The fact that a vassal does not enter / leave a faction if his opinion is above 80 should be checked, last time playing byzantine empire my greek King (100 opinion for giving a kingdom etc.) joined various factions. (latest patch, all addons, no mods)

    Same problem here, +80 relations doesn't work for leaving faction - even at 100, same culture, and religion, and without ambitious trait.

everytime i have had a vassal with opinion > 80 join a faction, the following have been true:
  • the spymaster for one (or all) faction leaders are in the capitol of the errant vassal
  • the vassal in question has an opinion malus towards the faction leader for being forced to join factions
when it starts to be a problem, i start assassinating spymasters. however the real source of my problems with this tends to be that the errant vassal is usually substantially more powerful that the rest which entices all faction leaders to pay him a visit.