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Clans, Nomadic Holding(s)*, Population and Manpower, Hordes, Pillaging, and Feudal Vassals need their own headings at some point, ideally under more specific headings/groups (example, in no particular order: "Government"**, "Population, Manpower, and Horde",

.*The one nomad holding and it's buildings, which may be worthy of it's own section. Also mentioned here would be temple construction.

.**Could, and probably should, include sucession and/or changing government as sub-headings. Also relevant would be free revocation of non-nomad titles.

Existing Icons on the wiki are here:

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reference for making a horde table:

On hordes, distinction needs to be made between hordes like the Mongols, Timurids, or Seljuks and the Nomadic Armies also called Hordes. — Preceding unsigned comment added by PG908 (Talk) 00:18, 8 October 2015 (CEST)

Population Growth Formula (proof)[edit]

I lost track where I've found this. I cannot find it by google again. But here is the proof to the calculation of month for population growth.

(1-%) * Maximum population is the population residual, like the 25% for 100000 if we want to launch an invasion.

Every month, (Growth rate)*(Max-Current Population) is added to the population. So the residual growth window is lowered by (1-Growth)*(Max-CurrentPop).

Hence we can use the equation to find out when the residual growth window lowers to a certain percentage :

(1-%) * Maximum population = (1-Growth)^t * (Max-Current Population) where t is the time in month.

Then use logarithm to isolate t, that gives

t = ( ln((1-%)*maxpop) - ln(maxpop-currentpop) ) / ln (1-growth)

% is the percentage target, 0.5 or 0.75 depending the CB; maxpop and currentpop are number, growth is a percentage, 0.01 unmodified. It can be changed by manpower need, capital buildings, check the population growth to find out what is the real growth rate (may need to calculate it manually since it does not give trivially the %needed for manpower. I forgot to sign. --Gcvsnlr (talk) 20:26, 9 June 2018 (CEST)