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2.5.1 forum link[edit]

The link to the changelog of 2.5.1 directs to the link for the 2.4.5 changelog.

The correct link is

Editing the 905620 into the wiki didn´t help, but then again this is my first wiki editing ever so what do I know.

Hope someone implements this :) — Preceding unsigned comment added by (Talk) 16:52, 5 August 2016 (CET)

I've fixed it, thanks for the report ! -Romulien (talk) 13:56, 5 August 2016 (CEST)

3.1 Checksum[edit]

Isn't 3.1's checksum KKAD? That's what my game shows me with all mods disabled. Maybe it was a typo in the forum thread.

Indeed you're correct, it's KKAD in the launcher and in-game ! -Romulien (talk) 22:46, 2 April 2019 (CEST)