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This is the documentation page for Template:Icon.
When it is viewed directly, links using variables may appear broken; do not replace these with hardcoded page names or URLs.

This template can be used for embedding icons in the EU4 wiki, thus making them more colorful, easy to read and standardized. The available icons link to the concept they represent.


The first parameter is the identifier for the icon. It has no default value and is always required.
The second parameter is the width of the icon. It is optional. The default value is normally 28px.


{{icon|identifier}}} or {{icon|identifier|width}}

Insert the relevant identifier in the above syntax. The available identifier can be found in the table below.

{{icon|soi}}} will generate Dlc icon sword of islam.png.

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List of available icons


4.1 Miscellaneous
4.2 Expansions
4.3 Units


yes Yes
no No
time Time.png
unknown Unknown.png
pdx Paradox Interactive


ck2 Base icon CK2.png
soi Dlc icon sword of islam.png
lor Dlc icon legacy of rome.png
si Dlc icon sunset invasion.png
tr Dlc icon the republic.png
tog Dlc icon the old gods.png
soa Dlc icon sons of abraham.png
roi Rajas of India.png
cm DLC icon Charlemagne.png
wol DLC icon Way of Life.png
hl Horse Lords.png
con DLC icon Conclave.png
trd DLC icon Reaper's Due.png
mnm DLC icon Monks and Mystics.png
jd Jade Dragon.png
hf Holy Fury.png
ck3 Icon CK3.png
ck3b Icon CK3b.png


archer, archers Archers.png
camel cav, camel cavalry Camel cavalry.png
heavy cav, heavy cavalry Heavy cavalry.png
heavy inf, heavy infantry Heavy infantry.png
horse archer, horse archers Horse archers.png
light cav, light cavalry Light cavalry.png
light inf, light infantry Light infantry.png
pikemen Pikemen.png
ship, ships Ships.png
war elephant, war elephants War elephants.png