Terra Normannorum

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Game modification: Terra Normannorum
Terra Normannorum
Expanded Content


In Development


Terra Normannorum is a mod with a meandering focus based on its creator's whims. It does aim to add major amounts of content, reshaping the game with a hopefully more historic feel. The optional segments, however, contain Alternative History, as this content is also an improved-upon port of the Vinland DW mod for Europa Universalis III.

Its features include:

  • Extended start date to the year 1000, with all that entails.
    • New Bookmarks:
      • 1000.9.10 - Battle of Svolder
      • 1001.2.1 - The Fifty Years' War
      • 1003.3.15 - Nadir of Our Fortunes
      • 1009.5.1 - The White Raven (Vinland-exclusive)
      • 1030.7.29 - Stiklestad Aftermath
      • 1034.5.11 - Years of Turmoil
  • More widespread Pagans!
    • The highest tier rulers of the Russian Principalities, Poland and Hungary are Christian at this point, but all their vassals aren't.
    • The King of Sweden is 8 years away from his conversion to Christianity!
  • New Religions!
    • Ásatrú heresies (Forn siðr and Nýi siðr. The latter becoming more like Christendom, the former returning to older ways).
    • Pogányság (Hungarian paganism), Slavianstvo (Slavic paganism) and Judaism (Khazars).
    • Midewiwin and native beliefs in the Vinland expansion.
  • New Cultures!
    • Historical Norsemen rather than the modern day ones in vanilla.
    • Anglo-Norse in the Danelaw.
    • Crimean Goths.
  • Partially redesigned map with several new provinces.
  • Optional western expansion including a detailed Vinland to experience the conflicts between Norsemen and Skraelings as they first set foot in the New World!
  • Removal of Empires besides the HRE, Byzantium, Persia and Arabia.
  • Overly obscure Easter Eggs!