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Game modification: The League
The League


In Development


The League is a mod that is set in a high-fantasy setting, featuring fantastic creatures such as goblins, orcs, ogres, dwarves, knights, dragons, monsters. It also features "questing", which is a system that allows you to send characters on quests for prestige, piety, self-improvement, relics and other such good times.


The Development of this mod began on 29-July-2012.


The game is set in the fictional lands of Lithrius, a land shared by three major races; Humans, Dwarves and Greenskins.

The world of Lithrius

Races & Factions[edit]

Appearance Race Fealty Description
Recht Knights Recht Empire, Hirecht Kingdom, Lorecht Kingdom The Recht Knights are your typical good-guys. Honest, loyal and keep to a strict code of brotherhood - most of the time. In addition, their religion is based around prophesies foretold a millennia ago, prophesies that have all proven true so far. Which is worrying, for the future prophesies only become worse.
TheLeague PortOrc.png Orcs Various Orcs are big, nasty, unpredictable greenskins with a love for war, blood and red meat. What did you expect?
Goblins Various Goblins are lesser versions of their orc cousins on pretty much every level, often found in small holes of land.
The Cold Ones Empire of the North The people of the north are tribal and zealously believe in their religion, The Wind. They battle not only the harsh elements of their homeland, but also the ferocious beasts that habit the icy north - not to mention each other, warring over what little resources there are.
Baktar Baktar Empire The Baktar are seclusive and peaceful fellows that allow a player the quiet life away from the bustle of the mainland.
Free Peoples The Marches The free peoples of the marches are a collective of peoples that live typical celtish lives, rotating between farming and raiding one another.
Hypatosian Hypatos Empire The hypatosians are a technologically advanced people, living in a heavily industrialised environment, warring more often with corporational issues and smog more than other empires.
Nalesian Nalese Empire The Nalesian Empire is one that lives in harmony with a nature. According to legend, the ancestors of the Nalesians took an oath with the goddess of nature that they would protect nature in return for nature's aid. And indeed, the mighty beasts of the forest do aid them in war.
Myrthros Dwarves Dwarven Empire The Myrthros dwarves are xenophobic beings that shut themselves underground two centuries ago after treachery by the Hypatosians, their only humans allies. However, recently, dark beings have begun to appear in their lower tunnels...
River Folk Rivers Empire The river folk are a simple peoples that were granted their freedom by their Hypatosian rulers. If this was an act of good will, or if the area was simply too dangerous to protect, that is of deliberation.
Jielan Twin Empire, Jiel Kingdom The people of Jiel are traders in all things tradable, only rivaled by their twin kingdom to the east, the Vandrillian people. They make much use of their fertile soils and seas, but prepare for war as the waters to the north freeze over - allowing passage of all sorts of dangerous beings.
Vandrillian Twin Empire, Vandrill Kingdom The people of Vandrill are arguably the greatest seamen in the world, sporting an impressive armada. They are also excellent traders, rivaled only by their twin kingdom, the Jielan people.

Magic & Technology[edit]

In the world of Lithrius, Magic is a force that takes a life-time of study and concentration to master one single school of it. Magic allows for the channeling of elements, the control of time and the folding of space.

Technologically, I want to include it so that nations can and will eventually development ever-more evolving weapons, abilities and forces. However I have yet to look into this. --Azkanan (talk) 20:17, 4 August 2012 (CEST)


I intend to attempt a system that allows for, either on random occasion or an occasion of the player's choosing, for characters to be sent on "quests" in brilliant high-fantasy fashion. Mostly automated, but returning with results and tales of their accomplishments - that being crossing a deathly bridge or defeating a dragon in combat.

More on this once I've research the game's capabilities.

Playable Scenarios[edit]

The War of the Twin Knights Prophecy[edit]

The Stardusk Twins and their parents

With the death of their glorious father Bradan Stardusk, the ideals of the twin brothers Baskar and Jener clash. Jener is a cruel and forthright being, willing to sacrifice the many for the few, whilst Baskar is willing to sacrifice himself for the many. As a result, the empire has been broken. Baskar has formed the Loreht Kingdom, whilst Jener holds onto what little of the Empire he still controls to the north. The brothers must now fight for their vision of the future in an attempt to free the people from what each sees as heresy.

The Undeath Plague[edit]

In the Kingdom of Vandrill, a plague has crept from the mountains of the south. Not only does it sail people to the gates of the otherworld... but it brings them back to life as mindless, twisted husks with an overwhelming desire to feed.

Dark Things[edit]

As the Mythros Dwarves dug deeper into their mountains, they (typically) dug too deep. Unknowingly, they have released a black plague of shadow, beings that live in the shadows and have an in-born natural hate for all things living. The Mythros Dwarves will have to either attempt to survive this invasion on their own or face their xenophobia and seek aid once more from the outside world - or risk losing their hidden empire.

The Wind[edit]

In the cold north, where the hustle and bustle of the lush mainland is left behind, a cold wind ever blows across the glacier and glass forests. Giant beasts and wild monsters rule the land, and in this land, the peoples are split into small tribes, each tentatively holding onto what little land they claim to be theirs - borders practically inexistent. But for all their differences, these tribal peoples agree on one truth - The Wind is the word of their goddess and that there is promise of a life beyond the freezing north to the south, for those who are capable to form the Empire of the North.

Tribbid Horde[edit]

In striking difference to the people of the north, the people of the south live in a far dryer and warmer land. To the horizon of every direction is barely more than flat savannah. Tribal warlords on horseback claim large expanses of empty land, raiding and taking what they see. However, is there a life beyond such an inconsequential existent? Can one warlord rise above all others and form the mighty Tribbid Empire, an empire that stretches from east to west, horizon to horizon?

In Uggrud we trust[edit]

Spotted about the world are jungles and dark forests, and within these wild environments can be found the green-skinned beings, monsters whose intelligence has just about piqued above most other dark creatures of the world. Through this they have claimed lands, arms and have formed tentative alliances with others of their kind. Could this burgeoning race, this Orc species be the next greatest thing the world has known - or the worst?

Nature's Wrath[edit]

Nature has forever been taken for granted in the world of Lithrius. Humans are a plague that have decimated a once flora-covered world into what it is now, great expanses of farmland and stone structures. The greatest offender to this is the Hypatos Kingdom - neighbours of the goddess-proclaimed protectors of nature, the Nalese Queendom. The hypatosians feed slain trees into their factories and machines. However, the Nalesian Queen has fell pregnant, and the seers foretell that it will be a girl of great power - enough power to possibly destroy all enemies of nature.

A steam-driven dream[edit]

The Hypatos kingdom is a land of technologically-advanced humans. Having long-ago stolen technology from their dwarven allies, they have since expanded the knowledge and applied it to every part of their lives. The firepowder powers their rifles and the steam powers their rail-ridden locomotives and factories. With such an economical power, powerful traders have formed coalitions and corporations, offering a third power to the political system beyond prestige and piety. Their cities have become sprawling masses of steel, iron and smoke.

With such power handed to such early peoples, what could possibly go wrong?


= The Prophecies=[edit]

(I need to transcribe this from my novella, at some point).