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Character scope


Triggers are used as conditions within a trigger or limit scope.

Name Argument Scope Arguments Notes
age int Is this character at least this many years old?
ai bool Is this character AI-controlled?
at_location Province
any_backed_character Triggers (Character) Characters whose plots this character is supporting
any_child Triggers (Character)
any_claim Triggers (Claim)
any_consort Triggers (Character) Not only concubines, works for both genders
any_courtier Triggers (Character)
any_current_enemy Triggers (Character) Characters actively at war with this character. Both characters have to be participating directly in the war, not as vassals
any_de_jure_vassal Triggers (Character)
any_de_jure_vassal_title Triggers (Title)
any_demesne_province Triggers (Province)
any_demesne_title Triggers (Title)
any_dynasty_member Triggers (Character)
any_friend Triggers (Character)
any_heir_title Triggers (Character)
any_liege Triggers (Character) All lieges of this character, regardless of how many tiers above
any_plot_backer Triggers (Character) Everyone backing this character's plot
any_pretender_title Triggers (Character) All titles held by pretenders to this character's (primary?) title
any_realm_character Triggers (Character)
any_realm_lord Triggers (Character)
any_realm_province Triggers (Province)
any_realm_title Triggers (Title)
any_rival Triggers (Character)
any_sibling Triggers (Character)
any_spouse Triggers (Character)
any_trade_post Triggers (Trade Post)
any_vassal Triggers (Character)
any_ward Triggers (Character)
can_change_religion bool
can_have_more_leadership_traits bool Does the character already have any traits with leader = yes?
can_marry bool
character Character Is this Character the same as the given Character? Used within an any_ scope.
controls_religion bool Is this character the head of their religon?
culture Culture
culture_group Culture Group
defending_against_claimant ? Added in patch, unused
demesne_efficiency float Normally 1.0, but decreases as the demense size limit is exceeded
demesne_size int
decadence int
dynasty Dynasty
diplomacy int
distance Scope who (Character), value (int)
dynasty_realm_power float Proportion of titles in the current realm held by this character's dynasty? (0-1)
faction_power Scope faction (Faction), power (float) Does this Faction have at least this much power?
family House
father_of_unborn_known bool
fertility float
had_character_flag Scope flag (string), days (int) Has this flag been set for this amount of time?
had_dynasty_flag Scope flag (string), days (int) Has this flag been set for this amount of time?
had_global_flag Scope flag (string), days (int) Has this flag been set for this amount of time?
had_province_flag Scope flag (string), days (int) Has this flag been set for this amount of time?
has_ambition Ambition
has_called_crusade bool
has_character_flag string
has_character_modifier Modifier
has_claim Landed Title You can also test against a Character
has_crown_law_title bool Does this character hold a Title which allows them to set crown laws?
has_disease bool
has_dynasty_flag string
has_earmarked_regiments bool Does this character control any military units with earmark = yes?
has_guardian bool Use guardian to get the Character
has_job_action Job Action Does this character currently have a councillor job (e.g. action_fabricate_claims)?
has_job_title Job Title Does this character hold the given councillor title (e.g. job_chancellor)?
has_landed_title Landed Title
has_lover bool
has_minor_title Minor Title
has_nickname Nickname
has_objective Objective Obsolete. Use has_plot or has_ambition instead.
has_opinion_modifier Opinion Modifier
has_plot Plot
has_raised_levies Character Has this character raised the given character's levies?
has_regent bool
has_strong_claim Landed Title
has_truce Character Does this character have a truce with the given character?
has_weak_claim Landed Title
health int
health_traits int Does this character have at least this many traits with is_health = yes?
imprisoned_days int Has this character been imprisoned for at least this many days?
independent bool
intrigue int
in_battle bool
in_command bool
in_faction Faction
in_revolt bool
in_siege bool
is_abroad bool
is_adult bool
is_alive bool
is_at_sea bool
is_attacker bool
is_betrothed bool
is_child_of Character
is_close_relative Character
is_consort Character
is_councillor bool
is_father bool
is_father_real_father bool
is_female bool
is_feudal bool
is_friend bool
is_guardian bool
is_heretic bool
is_hostile bool
is_ill bool
is_landed bool
is_landless_type_title bool
is_liege_of Character
is_liege_or_above bool
is_located_in bool
is_lowborn bool
is_main_spouse bool
is_marriage_adult bool
is_married bool
is_marshal bool
is_mother bool
is_occupied bool
is_older_than bool
is_patrician bool
is_playable bool
is_pregnant bool
is_pretender bool
is_priest bool
is_primary_heir bool
is_primary_holder_title bool
is_primary_holder_title_tier bool
is_ruler bool
is_spiritual bool
is_spymaster bool
is_treasurer bool
is_vassal_or_below Character
leads_faction Faction
learning int
lifestyle_traits int
martial int
num_of_children int
num_of_claims int
num_of_consorts int
num_of_count_titles int
num_of_duke_titles int
num_of_emperor_titles int
num_of_extra_landed_titles int
num_of_faction_backers int
num_of_friends int
num_of_king_titles int
num_of_lovers int
num_of_spouses int
num_of_plot_backers int
num_of_prisoners int
num_of_realm_counties int
num_of_rivals int
num_of_titles int
num_of_trade_posts int
num_of_trade_post_diff int
num_of_traits int
num_of_vassals int
num_title_realm_provs int
num_traits int
opinion int
race ?
realm_diplomacy int
realm_intrigue int
realm_learning int
realm_martial int
realm_size int
realm_stewardship int
same_guardian Character
same_liege Character
same_realm Character
same_religion Character
stewardship int
total_claims int
trait Trait
was_conceived_a_bastard bool
wealth int Does the character have at least this much money?


The following scopes can be accessed from a Character:

Name Type Notes
capital_holding Holding
capital_scope Title
crownlaw_title Title The title giving this character its crown laws
crusade_target Title The target of the ongoing crusade of this character's religion
current_heir Character
dejure_liege_title Title
employer Character
family Dynasty
father Character
father_even_if_dead Character
father_of_unborn Character
guardian Character
host Character
job_chancellor Character The character's current Chancellor, if they have one.
job_chaplain Character The character's current Chaplain, if they have one.
job_marshal Character The character's current Marshal, if they have one.
job_spymaster Character The character's current Spymaster, if they have one.
job_treasurer Character The character's current Steward, if they have one. Beware, it's "treasurer", not "steward!
liege Character This character's direct liege
liege_before_war Character This character's "proper" liege, before the current rebellion
location Province
lover Character
mother Character
mother_even_if_dead Character
plot_target_char Character The target character of this character's current plot
plot_target_province Province The target province of this character's current plot
plot_target_title Title The title of the target character or province of this character's current plot
primary_title Title
random_backed_character Character A random character whose plot this character is backing
random_child Character
random_claim Claim
random_consort Character Not only concubines, works for both genders
random_courtier Character
random_current_enemy Character Characters actively at war with this character. Both characters have to be participating directly in the war, not as vassals
random_demesne_province Province
random_demesne_title Title
random_dynasty_member Character
random_friend Character
random_realm_character Character
random_realm_lord Character
random_realm_province Province
random_rival Character
random_sibling Character
random_spouse Character
random_trade_post Trade Post
random_vassal Character
random_ward Character
realm Title
regent Character
religion_head Character Includes Antipopes
rightful_religious_head_scope Character The character's rightful religious head, excluding Antipopes
spouse Character
spouse_even_if_dead Character
top_liege Character