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RSV (temporary name) is a mod that adds reputation traits and related actions. It attempts to improve game balance and immersion by adding appropriate consequences for many things.

Trait Attributes Relations Description & Actions
Honor II +2 Diplomacy
+2 Martial
+10 Peer Earned up by contributing at least 25% in a war
  • Join defensive war without an alliance
  • Offer to help an ally claim liege's title
  • Befriend neighbor
Courtship II +2 Diplomacy
+2 Stewardship
+10 Attraction Earned when a love marriage lasts 10 or 20 years
  • Woo action to gain lovers
  • Special methods for inviting lovers to court
Bribery II +2 Diplomacy
+2 Intrigue
+10 Republic Vassal Earned using or receiving the following actions:
  • Purchase title from liege
  • Install courtier in vassal republic as marshal or steward
Redemption II +2 Diplomacy
+2 Learning
+10 Church Earned by skilled priests and the characters they help
  • Deliver a great sermon
Construction II +2 Martial
+2 Stewardship
+10 Liege's Earned by constructing buildings and holdings
  • Level 1: Clear Land (add a holding slot)
Intimidation II +2 Martial
+2 Intrigue
-10 Vassal Earned by killing a rival or a traitor, or by confiscating an artifact
  • Threaten vassal to stay out of factions by declaring their punishment in advance
Heroism II +2 Martial
+2 Learning
+10 Feudal Vassal
+10 Tribal
Earned in battle
Betrayal II +2 Stewardship
+2 Intrigue
-10 Attraction Earned by killing a spouse or through accusation
  • Accuse of betrayal (current or former intimate partner)
Legacy II +2 Stewardship
+2 Learning
+10 Dynasty Earned by interfering in succession, with available actions depending on succession law
  • Negotiate an early inheritance (gavelkind)
  • Declare heir unfit (gavelkind, primogeniture, ultimogeniture)
  • Expel heir from dynasty (seniority)
Doubt II +2 Intrigue
+2 Learning
-10 Church Earned by killing a priest, or by demonstrating that women can be competent council members


Honor is leveled up each time you contribute at least 25% to help another ruler win a war (or help a defender reach white peace). Honor improves the opinion of peers: other rulers who have the same liege, or other independent rulers if you are independent.

Offer to join in defense: You may offer to join in defense when a potential ally is attacked (a close relative or partner in a non-aggression pact). If your religious head is theocratic, you may also offer to join them when they are attacked. This option is only available when the war begins. AI rulers will never voluntarily join a war if they are already at war.

Offer to Support Claim: If your ally claims their liege's primary title, you may incite them to revolt and join the war. You must be a peer of your ally's liege.

Befriend Neighbor: If your neighbor is similar in strength, you may promise not to attack them for 10 years. This creates a truce and increases opinion slightly. If they reciprocate (more likely if you have Honor traits), you will sign a non-aggression pact, allowing the possibility of an alliance.


Courtship is leveled up through a lasting love marriage. Both spouses gain Courtship I on their 10th anniversary and Courtship II on their 20th anniversary. Being in a love marriage also adds +0.5 health.

Woo: You may spend 50 piety in the hope of gaining a lover. When wooing an AI character, the chance of success is shown in the interaction window, and depends on the following factors:

Acceptance factors Rejection factors
  • FROM is Attractive
  • FROM has Courtship trait
  • FROM stewardship (5, 10, 15, 20)
  • Homosexual and same sex
  • Personal opinion (10, 20, 30)
  • Lustful
  • Employer has Republic government
  • FROM's lovers (1, 2, 3)
  • FROM is Ugly
  • FROM is Inbred
  • FROM has a Betrayal trait
  • FROM is much older (10 years, 20 years)
  • Homosexual and not same sex
  • Higher tier
  • Married or consort
  • Has a lover
  • Attractive
  • Heir and not a ruler

Invite Lover: You may bring a lover to your court if they are not married, not someone else's consort, and not their liege's lover. If they move from a close relative's court, they gain the traits Eloped and Bastard , preventing inheritance. Unlike the vanilla "Invite to Court" interaction, these interactions are instantaneous and can be used by AI rulers. Four flavors:

  • Marry lover (patrilineally)
  • Marry lover (matrilineally): either matrilineal marriages are enabled and allowed for your religion/government/laws, or the lover is the same dynasty
  • Invite as Concubine
  • Invite as Paramour: they gain the minor title "Paramour", protecting them from pruning.


Bribery is leveled up by the following actions.

Purchase Title from Liege: A ruler may offer to purchase a liege title for which they control a direct de jure vassal title, control a direct de jure liege title, or have a claim. The title must not be the liege's primary tier and must not contain the liege's capital. The cost depends on title tier and the number of holdings de jure of the title.

Acceptance factors Rejection factors
  • Offered high amount
  • Opinion (-25, 0, 25)
  • Same dynasty (and NOT Bastard )
  • Purchaser has Republic government and could create a vassal merchant republic
  • Purchaser has Theocracy government and could deliver a great sermon if elevated to count tier
  • Purchaser is a councilor with 10+ skill
  • Purchaser is not feudal (and holder is feudal)
  • Wealthy (200g, 400g) and does NOT have a relevant ambition
  • Below demesne limit (for baron or count title)

Install a Marshal: If a Count+ vassal with Republic government lacks a marshal, or their marshal has skill below 10 and is not a powerful vassal, you may send one of your courtiers to become their new marshal. Your candidate must be an adult with 10+ martial skill. Pay 25g to the lord mayor. If the character later becomes a lord mayor through the city's Open Elective succession, they will be very grateful.

Install a Steward: Similar.


Certain priests may Deliver a Great Sermon. The sermon will be hosted by the priest's liege and heard by their liege's other direct subjects.

The requirements for the priest are:

  • 10 diplomacy
  • 10 learning
  • 250 piety or any Redemption trait
  • If not Muslim: must be a ruler with Theocracy government , and either count+ tier or own a temple in the liege's capital
  • If Muslim: must be a powerful vassal with learning education.

The sermon can be on charity, bravery, or placing trust in religion. All audience members have a chance to benefit, but the largest benefits are available to those who are Greedy , Craven , or Stressed (depending on the sermon topic). They can lose the negative trait, level up Redemption, and cause the priest to also level up Redemption.

A Pope with Redemption II may spend 750 piety to unlock Crusades.


Construction is leveled up by funding 3 or 6 buildings per demesne holding. Funding a new holding counts the same as funding 4 buildings.

Clear Land: a ruler with at least Construction I may spend 400g to add a holding slot in a demesne county.


Intimidation is associated with rule through fear. It is leveled up by killing a rival or traitor, or by confiscating an artifact from a traitor. Intimidation reduces vassal opinion but increase the likelihood that vassals will agree to stay out of factions when threatened.

Threaten vassal: let a vassal know what punishment to expect if they are imprisoned as a traitor (e.g. as a result of a failed faction rebellion). Costs prestige based on vassal tier, lowers that vassal's opinion by -10 (Threatened ____), and a further -5 (Discouraged from Factionalism) if successful.

Punishment type Effect (if vassal is imprisoned as traitor) Effective at discouraging factionalism
Execution Traitor is executed (without tyranny or council vote) Vassal lacks an adult dynastic heir
Revocation Traitor has all top tier titles are revoked (without numeric limit or council vote)
Counts as punishment
Vassal is Ambitious
Confiscation Traitor loses one of their artifacts to their liege
Counts as punishment
Vassal has an artifact of quality 3 or higher that liege can take

AI rulers consider such threats if they are: Arbitrary , Wroth , Cruel , Craven , Impaler , or already has an Intimidation level trait.


Heroism is leveled up in battle. The chance of leveling up increases with martial skill, learning skill, and total number of days in battle.

Heroes get a boost to tribal and feudal vassal opinion, and are eligible for special events in future battles:

  • Claim liege titles: Upon winning a major battle with liege troops. More likely with Byzantine culture group, imperial administration, non-ruler commanders, and Heroism II.
  • Inspire children: Upon winning a major battle, children (age 6-15) may get a choice that often gives a good personality trait.
  • Heroic death: Death in battle gives all close relatives a character modifier with +5 general opinion for 2 years.


Betrayal reflects severe conflict with a spouse or other intimate partner. It reduces attraction opinion, but improves stewardship and intrigue.

Betrayal can be leveled up by killing a (current or former) intimate partner. Specifically, a spouse, consort, lover, 'divorced', 'set aside', or 'former lover'.

Accuse of Betrayal: Gives the target "Accused of Betrayal" (-10 general opinion) for 5 years. Both the actor and the target level up Betrayal. Stop being lovers, if you were lovers.

AI characters will only accuse others of betrayal if they are neither Shy nor Kind , and at least one of (Wroth , Arbitrary , Cruel , Gregarious , or Betrayal). Furthermore, their opinion of the target must be below -25.

If a character might accuse you of betrayal, you might think twice before abducting them as a concubine or cheating on them. If you can't keep opinion above -25, it may be worthwhile to accuse them first.


Legacy is associated with actions that set the agenda for the dynasty. Feudal and tribal rulers level up Legacy through special actions that modify inheritance:

Action Succession law Conditions Effects
Negotiate inheritance Gavelkind Target character (junior heir) is at least 12 years old, is not a ruler, and expects to inherit at least one county title The junior heir may refuse, request their expected titles, request one county and wealth, or offer to become an ascetic (if unmarried). If you agree with the request, level up Legacy and the junior heir gets "Inheritance Contract" preventing any other inheritance until a day after your death.
Declare <heir> unfit Gavelkind, primogeniture, or ultimogeniture Heir must be a descendant. Unless religion allows heir designation, heir must be either Imbecile , Inbred , Incapable , or an adult with all skills below 8. Former heir gets "Declared Unfit" trait: cannot inherit titles
Former heir immediately gains strong, inheritable claims on top titles.
Vassals upset for 20 years: -5 if religion allows heir designation or -15 otherwise
Expel <heir> from dynasty Seniority Heir must be a traitor, kinslayer , or have a known murder plot against a dynasty member. Heir must not be your ancestor or spouse. Former heir founds a new dynasty along with patrilineal descendants
Former heir immediately gains strong, inheritable claims on top titles.

Rulers with Republic government have special actions to help them establish a lasting dynasty:

Action Tier Conditions Effect
Marry a local woman Count+ Can marry. Male. Spend 0.2 yearly income. Marries a new character who has stewardship education. (Note: lord mayors often try Courtship instead)
Found dynasty Count+ Lowborn. Has a legitimate son. Male. No living father. Spend 100 prestige to found a dynasty along with patrilineal descendants. Level up Legacy.
Move capital to coast Duke+ Owns a coastal county which is de jure of primary title. Male. No dynasty member is a patrician. Move capital to coast. Make it the de jure capital and first county as well. Government changed to Merchant republic government.png merchant republic.
Found merchant league Count (only) Adjacent to a peer count-tier republic. Both lord mayors must meet various requirements. Create a titular duchy. Government changed to Merchant republic government.png merchant republic, with the other lord mayor becoming a patrician of the new republic.

Muslims can also level up Legacy by killing a Decadent dynasty member.


Doubt reflects conflict with the church establishment. It can be leveled up by killing a theocracy ruler or lord spiritual, or by revoking a title from a theocracy.

Make <theocratic county> Feudal: swap the church and castle in a county so that it is now ruled by a feudal count. Accessed by right-clicking a theocratic vassal. Since you do not take the land directly, it only upsets the church, not your other vassals.

Smash the Patriarchy: a woman who is on the council in contradiction to local customs and has 10+ skill may do this once in her lifetime. If Conclave is enabled, this increases Status of Women one step. (Women usually get council seats due to female councillor events or with the appropriate reputation: Honor to be chancellor, Heroism to be marshal, Construction to be treasurer, or Redemption to be spiritual.)


Kill credit is used for leveling up intimidation (kill rival or traitor), betrayal (kill intimate partner), legacy (kill decadent dynast), and doubt (kill theocracy ruler or spiritual). It is only given if the death reason is: any known murder, any execution, any sacrifice, duel, dungeon (not including house arrest).