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Testing space:

Event picture modding

How and where

Religion / culture linking

When running the game, and the "GFX_evt_send_gift" is referenced, it will then look for "Am I a Sunni, btw? And if so, is there an event picture with _this exact name_ defined *+* 'sunni'? I SHOULD CLEARLY HAVE THAT" Matches on religion, religion group, culture, culture group.

When multiple fitting alternatives, maybe the last one in the file takes precedence. TEST IT OUT

Copyrights, best practises for adding new ones

Bit about the purpose of this table

Picture Key Tags
Poke king in chest ze.jpg GFX_evt_poke_king_in_chest king vassal man affronted
Pleasing letter.jpg GFX_evt_pleasing_letter woman letter happy
Plague spreading.jpg GFX_evt_plague_spreading plague sick crowd