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Regular player of CKII for over one year now

I played on most continents, and have acquired a lot of experience by forming a Zunist Empire in Afghanistan and Rajasthan in 100 years, thanks to a demon child, and taking control of all of Europe, Africa, Arabia, Levant and Mesopotamia from Iceland to Kerman, and Aral, as the Byzantine Empire and the Makedon in 400 years. I do love the Romans, as you may have noticed ;).

Today, I spend much of my time studying, but I save whatever free time I have to restore the Sassanid Empire with the 769 Bavandids. I plan on making a walkthrough on it anytime soon. I also have done steady advance to restore the Hephtalite Empire starting at Mohadavasaka in 769, and I close to the end of the playing part. Another walkthrough is planned.

Ongoing work: The Art Of War, Becoming the Saoshyant

I am open to any discussion, or question ;)

Semper Augustus!