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Education Each character gets an education trait upon becoming an adult (at 16 years-old) and dependent on the child's education. In the base game, they are usually close to the education of their guardian, though there is some random variation.

The DLC icon Conclave.png Conclave DLC reduces the impact of the guardian's own education by implementing a focus driven system. Education by guardians with high-level military traits also grants leadership traits. Military educations can improve to the next level by a random battlefield event, while the others can be improved with random events from the corresponding focus.

ID Internal name Diplomacy Martial Stewardship Intrigue Learning Health Fertility Other Cost[1] Flavor Text
Naive Appeaser Naive Appeaser 5 naive_appeaser 1 -1 0 Naive Appeasers want to be well liked and fancy themselves diplomat. Unfortunately, everyone else just tend to bully them.
Underhanded rogue.png Underhanded Rogue 6 underhanded_rogue 3 -1 +5% 3 The Underhanded Rogue is a rough but decently effective diplomat.
Charismatic Negotiator Charismatic Negotiator 7 charismatic_negotiator 6 -1 1 1 +5% 8 The Charismatic Negotiator is an excellent diplomat, impressing dignitaries with elegant dress and persuasive rhetoric.
Grey Eminence Grey Eminence 8 grey_eminence 9 -1 2 2 +10% 14 The Grey Eminence is the epitome of statesmanship having fully mastered the art of diplomacy.
Misguided Warrior Misguided Warrior 13 misguided_warrior 1 -1 +0.5 +1 Personal Combat Skill 5 The Misguided Warrior was trained in warfare and the martial arts, but sadly lacks all talent for it.
Tough Soldier Tough Soldier 14 tough_soldier 3 -1 +0.5 +1 Personal Combat Skill 7 The Tough Soldier is fearsome on the battlefield, but only a mediocre commander.
Skilled Tactician Skilled Tactician 15 skilled_tactician 6 1 1 -1 +0.5 +1 Personal Combat Skill 12 The Skilled Tactician is an adept of the art of war - a valiant warrior and reliable commander.
Brilliant Strategist Brilliant Strategist 16 brilliant_strategist 9 2 2 -1 +0.5 +1 Leadership traits

+1 Personal Combat Skill

17 The Brilliant Strategist has an almost preternatural understanding of all things martial, having the perfect makings for a Marshal or military tutor.
Indulgent Wastrel Indulgent Wastrel 9 indulgent_wastrel -1 1 0 The Indulgent Wastrel was good to become good with money, and if good means spending it quickly, the Indulgent Wastrel certainly is.
Thrifty Clerk Thrifty Clerk 10 thrifty_clerk -1 3 +5% 3 The Thrifty Clerc is a dutyful, if not particularly skilled, administrator.
Fortune Builder Fortune Builder 11 fortune_builder -1 1 6 1 +10% 9 The Fortune Builder came out of adolescence armed with a well honed business sense, determined to live a life of luxury.
Midas Touched Midas Touched 12 midas_touched -1 2 9 2 +15% 15 This character is truly Midas Touched, never seemingly running out of funds - an excellent choice for Steward and mentor to children destine to become administrators.
Amateurish Plotter Amateurish Plotter 1 amateurish_plotter -1 1 0 The Amateurish Plotter has received an education emphasizing intrigue skills. Unfortunately, it didn't stick.
Flamboyant Schemer Flamboyant Schemer 2 flamboyant_schemer -1 3 2 Flamboyant Schemers thrive on court intrigue and fancy themselves as master of the trade. However, their lack of secrecy tends to endanger even their best efforts.
Intricate Webweaver Intricate Webweaver 3 intricate_webweaver 1 1 -1 6 7 The Intricate Webweaver is a master manipulator, well suited to a life of intrigue.
Elusive Shadow Elusive Shadow 4 elusive_shadow 2 2 -1 9 12 The Elusive Shadow has mastered the art of Intrigue and should make a perfect Spymaster - as well as an ideal mentor for prospective schemers.
Detached Priest Detached Priest 17 detached_priest -1 1 0 The Detached Priest received a clerical education but displays no talent beyond basic literacy.
Dutiful Cleric Dutiful Cleric 18 martial_cleric -1 3 +10 Zeal 2 The Dutiful Cleric is learned and possessed of beautiful penmanship, but lacks particular interest in theology.
Scholarly Theologian Scholarly Theologian 19 scholarly_theologian 1 1 -1 6 -5% +20 Zeal 6 The Scholarly Theologian is wise and well read, with a deep understanding of philosophy and theology.
Mastermind Theologian Mastermind Theologian 20 mastermind_theologian 2 2 -1 9 -5% +30 Zeal 11 The Mastermind Theologian is recognized as one of the top scholars of the Faith.

For characters of non-Christian religions, the cross in the icons of Learning learning education traits is replaced by a more appropriate symbol (a crescent for Muslims, menorah for Jews, triquetra for Pagans etc).


With the DLC icon Conclave.png Conclave DLC active, children can acquire childhood traits, determined by their childhood focus, that will influence which education traits they eventually receive. Each such trait provides a +1 bonus to a specific attribute. Each childhood trait has several adult traits into which it may evolve during adolescence, ensuring that no childhood traits are retained into adulthood.

Check the specific table for the educational effects of each childhood trait, as well as the adult traits they can evolve into.

ID Internal name Temporary effect Flavor Text
Affectionate Affectionate 191 affectionate +1 Diplomacy This child is kind and quick to show love and affection. Can develop into: Kind , Content or Trusting
Playful Playful 197 playful +1 Diplomacy This child loves to engage in fun and games, almost always turning any activity into an excuse to play. Can develop into: Gregarious , Deceitful or (rarely) Lunatic
Haughty Haughty 190 haughty +1 Martial This child is proud and vain, convinced of their own superiority. Can develop into: Proud , Arbitrary or Cruel
Rowdy Rowdy 193 rowdy +1 Martial This child is loud and lively and usually prefers rough physical activities over calmer pursuits. Can develop into: Brawny , Honest or Dull
Conscientious Conscientious 198 conscientious +1 Stewardship This child is unusually scrupulous and responsible, taking delight in completing any chores and tasks to perfection. Can develop into: Diligent or Temperate
Fussy Fussy 199 fussy +1 Stewardship This child is very particular about details that seem trivial to others, sometimes to the point of causing anxiety and frustration. Can develop into: Patient , Greedy or Paranoid
Brooding Brooding 195 brooding +1 Intrigue This child is a thinker, often sitting inside in deep ponderings as others play outside in the sun. Can develop into: Just , Wroth or Envious
Indolent Indolent 196 indolent +1 Intrigue This child is very averse to any kind of exertion, be it mental or physical. Can develop into: Charitable , Slothful or Gluttonous
Willful Willful 194 willful +1 Intrigue This child is stubborn and strong-willed, and doesn't obey or give way easily. Can develop into: Ambitious , Brave or Stubborn
Curious Curious 200 curious +1 Learning This child has an inquisitive nature and is constantly asking questions and poking around looking for new and interesting things. Can develop into: Shrewd , Cynical or sympathies for other religions
Idolizer Idolizer 201 idolizer +1 Learning This child is easily impressed and also has a fervent desire to seek for ultimate truths. Can develop into: Zealous , Erudite or Frail
Timid Timid 192 timid +1 Learning This child is shy and usually avoids open conflict/ Can develop into: Humble , Shy or Craven


Lifestyle Lifestyle traits are given after prolonged selection of a focus. Without the DLC icon Way of Life.png Way of Life DLC, they are granted by lifestyle event chains that occur randomly.

Lifestyle event chains will not trigger for characters who already have a lifestyle trait. However, it is possible to gain more than one by certain events that grant them despite not being lifestyle events, or with the Ruler Designer Ruler Designer DLC.

Note that Faqih also counts as a lifestyle trait.

Name Command ID Diplomacy Martial Stewardship Intrigue Learning Opinions Other modifiers Focus Miscellaneous Cost
Administrator Administrator administrator 180 +3 +10% Movement Speed Rulership 10
Architect Architect architect 181 +1 +2 +10 Same Trait +20% Siege Business 12
Duelist Duelist duelist 69 +3 +10 Same Trait +5 Personal Combat Skill War 10
Game Master Game Master gamer 186 +2 +1 +10 Same Trait +30% Narrow Flank Carousing
Gardener Gardener gardener 66 +2 +1 +10 Same Trait Business 10
Hedonist Hedonist hedonist 64 +2 +1 -5 Christian Church
-5 Opposite Trait
+10 Same Trait
+20% Fertility
-30 Zeal
Opposite of Celibate 10
Hunter Hunter hunter 70 +1 +2 +10 Same Trait +20% Pursuit Hunting Not obtainable by Jain characters 10
Impaler Impaler impaler 68 +2 +1 +10 Same Trait -15 Honor
+10% Morale Damage
Intrigue Not obtainable by Jain characters 10
Master Schemer Master Schemer schemer 184 +3 -5 Same Trait Intrigue 10
Master Seducer Master Seducer seducer 178 +1 +2 +50 Attraction Seduction Only obtainable by male characters.
Opposite of Celibate and Master seductress
Master Seductress Master Seductress seductress 179 +1 +2 +50 Attraction Seduction Only obtainable by female characters.
Opposite of Celibate and Master seducer
Mystic Mystic mystic 67 +1 +2 +10 Same Trait Scholarship 10
Scholar Scholar scholar 65 +3 +10 Same Trait Scholarship Not obtainable by Muslim characters.
Non-Muslim equivalent of Faqih
Socializer Socializer socializer 183 +3 +10 Attraction
+10 Same Trait
Strategist Strategist strategist 182 +2 +1 +10 Same Trait +20% Defence War 12
Theologian Theologian theologian 185 +1 +2 Theology 10

As of DLC icon Way of Life.png Way of Life, the following traits are no longer lifestyle traits:

Name Command ID Diplomacy Martial Stewardship Intrigue Learning Opinions Other modifiers Miscellaneous Cost
Celibate Celibate celibate 63 +5 Christian Church
-5 Opposite Trait
+10 Same Trait
-1000% Fertility
+1 Monthly Piety
+30 Zeal
Opposite of Hedonist , Master seducer , and Master seductress -28
Falconer Falconer falconer 72 +1 +10 Same Trait Not obtainable by Jain characters 4
Poet Poet poet 71 +1 +10 Same Trait 4
  1. Change in character's age in Ruler Designer.