Vassal request events

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These are events for vassal requests.

A vassal requests the transfer a lower rank vassal title[edit]

ID Name
63000 Vassal believes his liege should transfer a vassal title
63001 Vassal requests a transfer of a vassal title
63002 The vassal to be transferred is notified
63003 Request Denied
63004 The asker suspects treachery
63005 Liege impresses asker with flowery talk
63006 The vassal is transferred
63007 The vassal gets a claim on the asker

Vassal presents evidence that another vassal is planning treason[edit]

ID Name
63010 Vassal asks liege to get rid of a rival
63011 The liege receives the information
63012 The victim is notified
63013 The accuser is satisfied
63014 The schemer is denied
63015 The target is tipped off
63016 The schemer receives a threat
63017 The schemer is imprisoned instead
63018 The target is tipped off by the schemer's activities
63019 The liege receives the target's assurance of innocence
63020 The liege reassures the target that he does not believe the accusation

Vassal complains of high troop maintenance costs[edit]

ID Name
63030 Vassal complains of high troop maintenance costs
63031 The liege is asked for recompense
63032 Vassal receives 30 gold
63033 Vassal receives 15 gold
63034 Vassal request denied
63035 Vassal is placated with empty words

Character requests a de jure title that you hold[edit]

ID Name
63040 Vassal asks liege for a specific title
63041 Liege receives the request
63042 Vassal request granted
63043 Vassal request denied
63044 Vassal request denied with flattery

An imprisoned character asks another vassal to intercede on his behalf[edit]

ID Name
63050 An imprisoned character asks a friend to intervene
63051 The Vassal receives the plea from the imprisoned character
63052 Vassal requests the release of a prisoner
63053 The prisoner is released
63054 The request is denied
63055 The vassal is also imprisoned!
63056 Diplomatic NO
63057 Letter of gratitude

A mayor asks for lower taxes[edit]

ID Name
63060 A mayor asks for lower taxes
63061 The mayor asks his liege
63062 The mayor is refused
63063 The mayor is notified of the law change
63064 The mayor is bribed
63065 The mayor is impressed

A vassal is offered to become independent (liege died being over vassal limit)[edit]

ID Name
63100 A vassal is offered to become independent
63101 Liege is informed about leaving vassal
63102 Liege is pleased about vassal staying