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Business Events might happen when players choose the business focus in DLC icon Way of Life.pngWay of Life DLC. The events' ID range from WoL.10000 to WoL.10999.

ID Event
WoL.10100 Trade route for exotic goods
WoL.10101 Start of chain (Steward)
WoL.10102 Steward presents an opportunity
WoL.10103 Land: setting up a land based trade route
WoL.10104 Naval: setting up a naval based trade route
WoL.10105 Clergy wants to come along and can finance some of the costs
WoL.10106 Clergy annoyed of bandits
WoL.10107 Doge responds to venture
WoL.10108 Nearby Doge angered by trade competition
WoL.10109 Doge gets response
WoL.10110 Bandits fail to steal ship/carrying animals
WoL.10111 Heading out
WoL.10112 Arriving (hidden)
WoL.10113 Arriving at destination - Host (hidden)
WoL.10114 Arriving at destination - present a gift?
WoL.10115 Foreign ruler responds (just bounce?)
WoL.10116 Cultural differences
WoL.10117 Foreign ruler (bounce)
WoL.10118 Clergy theological debate, endangering venture
WoL.10119 Foreign ruler friend/rival (hidden)
WoL.10120 Foreign ruler responds
WoL.10121 Foreign ruler friend (hidden)
WoL.10122 Foreign ruler friend (hidden)
WoL.10123 Learn stewardship in foreign court
WoL.10125 Successful expedition
WoL.10126 Reward steward?
WoL.10127 Steward conclusion
WoL.10128 Failed expedition
WoL.10129 Refresh trade route (hidden)
WoL.10130 Refresh trade route land
WoL.10131 Refresh trade route sea
WoL.10999 Failed to find target
WoL.10200 Build a tower
WoL.10201 Find a mason to do the stone details
WoL.10202 Burghers react to tower building
WoL.10203 Stonemason bounce
WoL.10204 More funding to lay out the plan
WoL.10205 Fix building materials
WoL.10206 Accident at the construction site
WoL.10207 Quarry operations shut down notification
WoL.10208 Bounce to bishop (hidden)
WoL.10209 Bishop responds to tower (hidden)
WoL.10210 Bishop upset that you're trying to cheat your way into heaven
WoL.10211 Bishop bounce
WoL.10212 Attempt to show bishop the top of the tower followed by the low of the ground
WoL.10213 Bishop bounce
WoL.10214 Bishop randomly dodges and you fall
WoL.10215 Bishop falls
WoL.10216 Construction complete
WoL.10217 Tower beginning to lean
WoL.10218 Save the tower effort
WoL.10219 Tower stands
WoL.10220 Tower topples
WoL.10221 Foreign dignitary visits the tower
WoL.10222 Flag-clearing
WoL.10300 The hedge maze
WoL.10301 Cleaning out weeds
WoL.10302 Add statues
WoL.10303 Build fountain
WoL.10304 Import flowers
WoL.10305 Build pavilion
WoL.10306 Completion
WoL.10400 Minor events
WoL.10401 Gain Stressed
WoL.10409 Support carpenter's guild
WoL.10429 Rich mayor wants to buy a bit of land
WoL.10439 Artisan workshop
WoL.10500 Level up