WOL Carousing Events

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These are events for the focus of Carousing.

ID Name
WoL.4000 Invitee receives invitation
WoL.4001 Host receives positive answer to invitation
WoL.4002 Host receives negative answer to invitation
WoL.4003 Host receives negative answer and condemnation
WoL.4010 Check if party can start or not and send on to appropriate event
WoL.4011 Cancel due to unforeseen circumstances
WoL.4012 Invitee notified of cancellation
WoL.4015 Cancel due to no one accepting invitation
WoL.4030 Party begins
WoL.4031 Party begins, notify guests
WoL.4035 Carousing - select outcome/events (host)
WoL.4100 Cannibal - who is the possible cannibal
WoL.4101 Cannibal - eat?
WoL.4110 Party fling - who takes initiative
WoL.4111 Fling - propose carnal knowledge
WoL.4112 Fling - accept or decline proposal of carnal knowledge
WoL.4113 Carnal knowledge accepted - do it
WoL.4114 Carnal knowledge declined - notify
WoL.4120 Makes friend
WoL.4121 Notify new friend
WoL.4130 Fight - who starts it
WoL.4131 Fight starts - you can't control your rage
WoL.4132 He's coming at me - avoid or fight back?
WoL.4133 Aggressor gets results
WoL.4140 Lunatic goes wild
WoL.4141 Lunatic goes wild at party
WoL.4142 Other person perspective on lunatic behavior
WoL.4150 Drunkard drinks waaaaay too much and things go bad
WoL.4151 Drunkard
WoL.4152 Other person perspective on drunkard behavior
WoL.4160 Play games - player 2 bounce event
WoL.4161 Player 1 (Host)
WoL.4162 Player 2
WoL.4163 Game results
WoL.4800 Party's over, had a good time