WOL Lover Events

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These are events related to lovers from the Way of Life DLC.

ID Name
WoL.1000 Hidden start event to set up the scopes
WoL.1001 Ping the spouse
WoL.1002 Ping the lover
WoL.1003 Spouse suspected of affair - Choices
WoL.1004 Spouse is confronted
WoL.1006 The spouse responds to the tearful confession
WoL.1007 Lover is told of public denouncement
WoL.1008 Spouse is told of public denouncement
WoL.1009 The spouse responds to the cruel admission
WoL.1022 The spouse denies the affair
WoL.1023 Ping the lover
WoL.1024 Ping the accuser's spouse
WoL.1025 Response from the other spouse
WoL.1026 Lover : the accuser's spies are investigating
WoL.1027 Spying failed
WoL.1028 Spying succeded
WoL.1029 Ping the spouse
WoL.1030 Ping the accuser
WoL.1031 Spouse is told of public denouncement after spies uncovered the affair
WoL.1010 The accuser is manipulated
WoL.1033 The lover is confronted directly
WoL.1011 Ping the cheating spouse
WoL.1012 The lover denies the affair
WoL.1013 Poison attempt
WoL.1014 The lover dies of poison
WoL.1015 The lover gets sick of poison
WoL.1016 The lover did not have the poisoned shellfish
WoL.1017 The lover died of poison
WoL.1018 The lover got sick from the poison
WoL.1019 Cheating spouse. Lover admits the affair
WoL.1020 The accuser responds to the lover's confession
WoL.1021 Spouse is told of public denouncement (same effects as event 1008 but with slightly different scopes)
WoL.1032 Accuser challenges lover to a duel
WoL.1034 Accuser is notified of dishonorable refusal to duel
WoL.1035 Accuser: Duel outcome
WoL.1036 Duel: Accuser wins!
WoL.1037 Cheating spouse notified of duel outcome - spouse wins!
WoL.1038 Lover is notified of duel loss
WoL.1039 Duel: Defender wins!
WoL.1040 Cheating spouse notified of duel outcome - lover wins!
WoL.1041 Accuser is notified of duel loss
WoL.1101 Ping the lover
WoL.1102 character_event
WoL.1103 character_event
WoL.1104 Lover attempts re-seduction
WoL.1105 Lover succeeds with re-seduction
WoL.1106 Lover fails with re-seduction
WoL.1109 Bounce for scope correction
WoL.1160 Starts with the lover
WoL.1161 The married lover
WoL.1162 Stayed in castle. Notify the lover
WoL.1163 Countryside Romance. Notify the lover
WoL.1164 Lover declines