WOL Rulership Events

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Rulership Events might happen when players choose the rulership focus in Way of Life DLC. The events' ID range from WoL.12000 to WoL.12999.

Level up and other[edit]

ID Event
WoL.12500 Rulership Level Up
WoL.12501 Stewardship Education Level Up
WoL.12502 Administrator Level Up
WoL.12503 More Just
WoL.12504 More Diligent
WoL.12505 More Ambitious
WoL.12506 Legendary Wisdom (on_yearly_pulse)
WoL.12507 Respected Ruler

The Architect[edit]

ID Event
WoL.12000 Architect (HIDDEN)
WoL.12001 Architect brought before court
WoL.12002 Architect brought before court
WoL.12003 Architect brought before court
WoL.12004 Architect caught absconding with money
WoL.12005 Construction more costly than estimated
WoL.12006 Castle finished with less resources
WoL.12007 Castle finished
WoL.12008 Castle finished after delay
WoL.12009 No free holding slots
WoL.12012 Province Bounce
WoL.12013 Architect - Validation Loop


ID Event
WoL.12010 character_event


ID Event
WoL.12011 character_event

The Murders[edit]

ID Event
WoL.12015 Peasant Dragged Before Court
WoL.12016 Another Murder (Peasant Hanged)
WoL.12017 Another Murder (Peasant Set Free)
WoL.12018 Peasant admits under torture
WoL.12019 Peasant does not admit under torture
WoL.12020 Another Murder (Peasant died during torture)
WoL.12021 Another Murder (Peasant imprisoned)
WoL.12022 Another Murder (Peasant died in dungeon)

Noble Feud (HIDDEN START)[edit]

ID Event
WoL.12025 character_event
WoL.12026 Noble Feud

Farm Fire[edit]

ID Event
WoL.12027 Fired from 'on_focus_pulse'


ID Event
WoL.12028 character_event


ID Event
WoL.12029 character_event

City Brigands (AI Mayor)[edit]

ID Event
WoL.12030 character_event
WoL.12031 City Brigands