WOL Scholarship Events

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These are events for the Scholarship Focus.

ID Name
WoL.6000 Confirm building
WoL.6010 Observatory is ready
WoL.6020 Split event - heliocentrism or weird
WoL.6100 Starts believing in heliocentrist theory
WoL.6110 Research more expensive than expected need new equipment
WoL.6120 Friend or family member worries about dangerous research
WoL.6121 Friend or family bounce event
WoL.6122 Respond to worried friend/relative
WoL.6130 Work is great stimulus to knowledge about how world works
WoL.6140 Technical problems with observations - persist or give up?
WoL.6150 Religious authorities find out
WoL.6151 Religious head
WoL.6152 A letter from religious head - respond
WoL.6160 Work Gives even more amazing knowledge
WoL.6170 Breakthrough - you have proven that the earth is round and revolves around the sun!
WoL.6300 Starts believing in cosmic "things" out there
WoL.6310 Research more expensive than expected, need new equipment
WoL.6320 Friend or family member worries about dangerous research
WoL.6321 Friend or family bounce event
WoL.6322 Respond to worried friend/relative
WoL.6329 Research needs more info, hears about strange scholar in arab desert, decides to travel there
WoL.6330 character_event
WoL.6331 Meets strange arab scholar, speaks late hours, he tells you of Abdul the Mad and offers to sell you a copy of the strange book that killed him
WoL.6335 Weird death event for owner of Necronomicon (on action on_action)
WoL.6336 Heir hears of predecessor's library being raided and strange book disappeared, servants dead in a most horrible and strange way
WoL.6340 Weird - disturbances in observatory - persist or give up?
WoL.6350 Starts going weird in studies of Necronomicon - choose to go deeper or lunatic or not
WoL.6360 Studies makes you feel more knowledgeable and wise
WoL.6370 Breakthrough - you KNOW things!